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  • The Importance of Looking after your Décolletage

    February 20th, 2017

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    We reveal why it’s important to look after your décolletage in the next post in our Boudoir Moments series.


    We are thrilled to have just launched a triple-action neck cream to nourish, hydrate, plump and tighten the skin.


    We know that moisturizing your face is a key step in any skincare routine, however many of us pay little to no attention to our neck and décolletage. One must look after this delicate area, as we do our face.


    Skin within the neck and décolleté is extremely thin and contains less sebaceous glands and melanocytes than elsewhere in the body. As a result, skin is dry, fragile and less supple. As we age, collagen and elastin naturally breaks down leaving the skin to sag and crease. Furthermore this delicate area is constantly exposed to the elements (UV rays, sun damage) and stress. These factors combined together explain why the neck and décolletage is one of the first to show the first signs of ageing.


    We recommend you cleanse this fragile area each day. This can be done at the same time you cleanse your face. Follow by applying a small amount of the Firming Neck Cream in the neck and décolleté area in upwards movements. We also recommend exfoliating at least once a week in order to remove dead skin.

  • Backstage Beauty Giveaway

    February 20th, 2017

    Backstage Beauty Giveaway

    Omorovicza is no stranger to being backstage during fashion week. We have sponsored a number of shows at New York, London, Milan and Budapest Fashion Week, and are loved and trusted by countless make-up artists across the world.

    To celebrate we’ve holding an exclusive ‘Backstage Beauty’ giveaway for the remainder of the week. Each day, you could be in with a chance to win a product from the range. Each of which is an essential in a make-up artist’s kit.

    To enter all you need to do is answer the daily question on our Facebook page (please link here) The winner will be chosen the following day at 12pm GMT. Good luck!

  • The Importance of Looking After your Body

    February 17th, 2017

    Looking after your body

    1. Looking after the skin on your body is just as important as caring for your face, even if you don’t see it most of the time! Moisturising your body on a daily basis is the first step to get healthier skin. Your skin needs moisture every day in order to enables your skin to function at a peak performance. Moisturising your skin combats ageing (wrinkles, fine lines) but also feels refreshed and relieves itchiness and the sensation of tightness. To discover the key benefits of moisturising check out our blog here

    2. As we age, cell regeneration slows down and the body takes more time to renew cells. Exfoliating your skin once or twice a week is a must in order to remove dead skin. The best time to exfoliate is after a shower or bath and before your moisturiser. There are a number of benefits including eliminating dead skin, combatting dry skin, refining texture, preventing ingrown hairs etc. Discover them all here.  

    3. And don’t forget to keep your skin hydrated by drinking water throughout the day to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Plus we’ve heard it all, before but remember that a healthy and balanced diet is also a must!

  • Tech Neck: Myth or Fact?

    February 16th, 2017

    Tech Neck

    Rumour has it that using your smartphone causes can cause a symptom called ‘tech neck.’ Is this a myth or fact? According to dermatologists it is actually true! Constantly bending our necks to look at any type of screen leads to premature ageing. Most people between the ages of 18 to 39 do it at least 150 times a day without even realising! It leads to sagging skin, dropping jowls and creases above your clavicle. It can also lead to more lines and creases around your chin and neck area.

    The skin on the neck is very thin and fragile as it produces less oil than elsewhere on the body as it contains less sebaceous glands, less elasticity and limited melanocytes – cells that give colour to skin and protect from UV rays.

    So how can you prevent tech neck? Our therapists reveal their top tips:

    1. Develop a specific skincare routine for your neck

    Most of us have a solid skincare routine for the face, but many completely ignore the neck area. Both should be treated with just as much care. We recommend to start with your favourite Omorovicza cleanser, then tone with the Queen of Hungary Mist. Prepare the skin for further treatment with Omoressence, followed by the Firming Neck Cream.

    1. Adjust your computer monitor so that it’s at eye level

    Ensure your screen is at eye level as this will stop you from straining your neck forward. In addition, avoid resting your chin on your hands while staring at your computer as this leads to unnecessary stretching of the skin around the neck.

    1. Exercise your neck

    Start with a side neck stretch - place four of your right hand fingers on the left hand side of your forehead, then place your left hand on your shoulder.  Pull your head to the right and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other side. Then, place your index fingers on either side of your chest, look up, and begin moving your fingers up and down your neck. Repeat 20 times.

    1. Maintain hydration levels

    We need to be hydrated hydration to ensure we have a healthy complexion. To prevent tech neck it is important to keep our spine discs healthy too. As they are made up mostly of water, it is important to consume at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep them nourished.

  • Prep your skin for Valentine’s day night out

    February 14th, 2017

    Valentine's Day Night Out

    With Valentine’s Day coming up we reveal our top tips to ensure you look your best for the bid night. Whether you’re spending the evening with your loved one or alone, it’s important to take some time for yourself!

    Start your Valentine’s Day prep in the shower by exfoliating your face and body. It is the most efficient way to combat dry and dull skin. Our Refining Facial Polisher refines texture and brightens tone to prep your skin for oncoming products. For total relaxation, massage your body with our Gold Sugar Scrub to eliminate dead skin cells and accelerate skin renewal.

    Cleanse your face to remove any trace of impurities, sebum, make-up, pollution etc. Our Thermal Cleansing Balm, rich in Hungarian Moor Mud, is your perfect weapon to purify the skin, ensuring your complexion is glowing for the rest of the night.

    If you have the time, apply a face mask to moisturise and transform your skin in just a few minutes. Have you tried our anti-ageing Ultramoor Mud Mask? After use, your skin will look instantly firmer and rejuvenated!

    Before putting any make-up on, moisturise your face. During the colder months, skin needs to be moisturised more frequently to avoid a dry, flaking complexion.

    If you feel a bit tired, there are chances that it shows on your face! Eliminate dark circles and puffiness with a rejuvenating eye cream. The Reviving Eye-Cream won’t let you down as it provides long-lasting hydration with its subtle cucumber scent.

    Want kissable lips? Use a lip balm to revive and nourish lips. Our Perfecting Lip Balm contains shea butter which leave your lips feeling fuller and smoother.

    Fragrance yourself with your favourite smell: our sensual fragrance Bagatelle de Gabrielle was inspired by the exotic atmosphere of the Omorovicza Spa. A spritz of this will make your night an unforgettable one.

    Enjoy your Valentine’s Day night out!

  • Boudoir Moments

    February 13th, 2017

    Boudoir Moments

    To support the launch of the Firming Neck Cream, we are launching a Boudoir Moments campaign online. In the next couple of weeks, we highlight which products within the range are the perfect addition for your dressing table, to complete the ‘boudoir’ experience. We will also be looking at how important it is to look after your entire body and which products complement the entire pampering experience.

    To kick off the series, Omorovicza therapists from around the world reveal which products they use to pamper themselves.

    Agnes, Budapest

    When in need of some 'me time', I apply the Ultramoor Mud Mask on my face and then massage the Gold Sugar Scrub on my skin while the face mask is working. I then rinse it all off and apply a generous layer of the rose scented Gold Hydralifting Mask on my face, and Gold Shimmer Oil on the body and hair.

    Adrienne, Budapest

    Gold Shimmer Oil – it has the most beautiful effect on your skin as a result of the gold particles and subsequent shimmer it leaves on the skin, especially for your décolleté area and arms.

    Queen of Hungary Mist- I know we use this product mainly for the face, but I add this product to my body too. It has a beautiful smell and is refreshing.

    Perfecting Lip Balm – By itself or under lipstick, our lip balm plumps and moisturizes the lips.

    Bagatelle de Gabrielle – This perfume has a soft, powdery smell. One spritz and you’re ready to go.

    Sylvia, New York

    One of the many gifts I give to myself is the luxury of Omorovicza. Aside from my everyday essentials to ensure my skin is looking as good as possible, below are my absolute must haves that make pampering feel that little bit special.

    Queen of Hungary Mist -  one spray and your face looks instantly better.

    Bagatelle de Gabrielle - to lift my spirits and keep me smelling amazing!

    Miracle Facial Oil – this oil is truly that.

    Omoressence -  a patt of this rejuvenating essence instantly revitalizes your skin with a beautiful glow

    Firming Neck Cream - in just the short time I have been using this cream, it has made my neck look hydrated, and youthful! Just in time for a Valentine’s Day necklace!

    Gwen, London

    Gold Sugar Scrub -This soft and luxurious body scrub is always a pampering treat. I use this once a week for smooth, soft and glowing skin all over the body. I love the beautiful packaging of this scrub.

    Gold Shimmer Oil - After a relaxing warm bath I apply the Gold Shimmer Oil on damp skin. The smell of ylang ylang, is so womanly and ‘boudoir’. This oil is a must have for a true body pampering experience. Colloidal Gold particles is left on the skin to add a shimmer for any special occasion.

    Queen of Hungary Mist - A must have for every dressing table.

    Complexion Corrector - I use this under makeup as a primer, to add a natural glow and to brighten the skin tone. I love that it contains SPF protection and Vitamin C.

    Deep Cleansing Mask – I use this once a week to deep cleanse the skin, brighten and purify. After 15-20 minutes, you feel like you have just had a facial.

    Miracle Facial Oil: I use a few drops in the evening as a night treatment oil. Great for seasonal wintery skin that needs extra nourishment. Anti-ageing, great for post acne scarring and non-greasy.

    Oxygen Booster - I am always in need of an oxygen boost. I mix a small amount into my moisturiser or apply on areas where I need instant hydration and plumpness. This is a great product for travelling and easy to use.

    Sylvia, Budapest

    I use pretty much all of the products to pamper myself. I love layering the serums on  my face, neck and décolletage, and then spray a generous amount of the Queen of Hungary Mist on the same area afterwards.

    In the evening, I love to use the Miracle Facial Oil followed by the Instant Plumping Mask or the Rejuvenating Night Cream. I always use the Queen of Hungary Mist on top and massage my skin for a couple of minutes. I can feel the active minerals in action.

    I am thrilled we have launched a new neck cream as this area is a very important asset. It is essential to keep it well-nourished and hydrated.

    Which products do you use to pamper yourself? Tell us using the hashtag #boudoirmoments

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