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Copper Peel (16 tubes)

16 tubes
Awarded 'Best Exfoliating Product' at the Vogue India Beauty Awards.

“This two phase mineral laden mask is extremely impressive for making your skin look and feel ultra-soft” – British Beauty Blogger

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This foaming two-phase peel, combining a blue copper paste and a lactic acid activator, polishes and smoothes complexion and visibly reduces pore size for a brighter, more even skin tone.

Quick and easy, an application feels like a facial at home!

8 pairs of tubes for 16 to 24 weekly applications. A set with 4 pairs of tubes and a travel size are also available.
Key benefits
  • Detoxify skin and regulate sebum with copper gluconate.
  • Refine and smooth the micro-relief of the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with deeply cleansing sodium bicarbonate and lactic acid (of vegetal, not animal origin).
  • Leave skin firmer, more supple and younger-looking as Hydro Mineral Transference™ delivers minerals deep into the skin.

Mineral Cosmetology™ technology is the concept at the heart of Omorovicza Cosmetics, relating to the use of mineral-rich healing waters in our skincare. Omorovicza was inspired by the curative properties of the healing waters of Budapest and the purpose of Margaret and Stephen in developing Omorovicza was to replicate in skincare the effects of trips to the thermal baths of Budapest. Omorovicza products achieve this purpose thanks to a patented mineral delivery system developed by a Hungarian Nobel prize winning laboratory of dermatology.
Free from synthetic fragrance, colors and parabens, Omorovicza products are powered by a potent blend of Hungary’s mineral-rich healing waters and our patented Hydro Mineral Transference™ delivery system. This is combined with the finest vitamins, essential oils and natural ingredients sourced from across the globe.

ACTIVATOR; Aqua (Hungarian Thermal Water), Lactic Acid, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Saccharomyces (Hungarian Thermal Water) Ferment Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Chlorella Vulgaris/Lupinus Albus Protein Ferment, Pectin.

PASTE; Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Glyceryl Stearate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Stearyl Heptanoate, Squalane, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Cetearyl Alcohol, Copper Gluconate, Camphor, Salvia Officinale (Sage) Oil, Tocopherol, Mannitol, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Flower Oil, Citronellol, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium), Flower Oil, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol, Yeast Extract.
Application & skin types
Step 1; apply generous amount of Copper Peel paste to dry skin on the face and neck (avoid contact with eyes and lips).

Step 2; apply generous amount of Copper Peel activator onto the Copper Peel paste; gently massage the resulting white lather, using circular motions, for 2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Sealing Tubes; Each tube contains product for two or three applications. To seal the tube, reverse the end piece (that breaks off when opening) and use as a stopper.

Dry, Oily, Combination/Normal

Awarded 'Best Exfoliating Product' at the Vogue India Beauty Awards.

“This two phase mineral laden mask is extremely impressive for making your skin look and feel ultra-soft” – British Beauty Blogger

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Therapist Q&A
Q: How often should I use the Copper Peel?
A: It is recommended to be used once a week for an 8 or 16 week period. Dark spots can diminish in 8 weeks but once the sun comes out they may come back. The Copper Peel is not advised to be used during spring and summer time.

Q: How much activator and paste should I use?
A: If you use it for both face and neck use a full tube, but if you just intend to use it for the face or the hands only then half a tube is sufficient from both the paste and the activator.

Q: Is the treatment best done in the morning or evening?
A: Best for evening use after a proper cleansing. We recommend the Cleansing Milk for deep hydration.

Q: What product is best applied after the treatment?
A: Spray plenty of Queen of Hungary Mist right after the treatment and hydrate skin with the Instant Plumping Mask, or the Gold Hydralifting Mask afterwards. If you like serums apply a Gold Flash Serum or Rose Lifting Serum before the mask.

Customer Reviews

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  • Female

    Great for using when my skin needs a pick me up, feels like I have had an expensive facial!

  • Denmark

    Dry Skin




    Fantastic investment in yourself. Skin feels and looks like you had a facial. Easy to travel with. You can easily get 3 uses out of a pair of tubes. My skin looks great after I fell in obsesssion with Omorovicza.

  • NJ

    Sensitive Skin




    They're the signature of great scientific and natural combined! I have started using this Copper Peel since last year. I officially use this once a month only because I have a sensitive / combination dry skin. This product works very well and does a great job. After using this mask ( I have called this one as a mask) rinsed it off with warm water, my skin felt really refreshing and cleaned. When I applied serum or moisturizing cream, it sunk under my skin easily.

  • Nashua, NH

    Combination/Normal Skin

    Breakouts and Spots



    I got this product a couple of weeks ago and used it twice so far. It seems to be a very gentle peel and doesn't irritate the skin.

  • Great peel. Works yet gentle enough. I get good noticeable results, my skin is softer and it helps with lines and discoloration.

  • THE best peel on the market. Believe me, I have tried them all, and done alot of my own research. After about 4 months of weekly use, even my husband, who never seems to notice anything, asked me if I had been receiving laser treatments for the pigmentation on my lower cheeks, as they marks have faded dramatically thanks to this peel.

  • Love these! My skin always glows whenever I use them.

  • First of all, please don't let the price of this product scare you. Yes, it is quite a bit but you get multiple uses out of each tube, as other reviewers have pointed out. I apply enough from each tube to generously cover my entire face, and I am getting 4 uses out of each pair! The yearly cost then actually comes out lower than other "cheaper" treatments I have previously used. My skin has become rather sensitive in the past year, and doesn't seem to tolerate some of the chemical exfoliants that I had successfully used in the past, but this one remains a winner. Not only does my face feel extremely soft (but never dry/tight/itchy) after each use, but with weekly use over a few months (in between uses I also use a mild glyccolic acid product) I have noticed a noticeable improvement on past acne marks and overall texture of my skin, without any irritation whatsoever. While I have yet to be disappointed with an Omorovicza product, of all of those I have tried this one is probably THE one that I never want to do without again. I also like to buy here directly as Pengo points are a great incentive and reward for loyal customers!

  • First of - I get up to three uses from a tube, so considering the amount of tubes in a box, it will last me a lifetime (or so I hope). For me it's enough if I use it once a week as my skin is too sensitive to be treated with this peel more often. It's a pleasant massage experience for me. One thing I would deffo change is the packaging - so uncomfortable to open those tubes :(

  • I have thrown out all my other peelers after having started using this peel! There is now a natural and subtle glow to my complexion and have recently received many compliments. Definately worth every penny and in my opinion is almost a facial substitute.

  • I LOVE this product and you will get 3 treatments from each product for your whole face, neck and decolletage also. It doesn't sting or feel uncomfortable either and once you wash it off your skin will glow and feel so soft. The first time after using this you will just keep touching your face as your skin will feel so soft and the effects last at least 3-4 days also. I use this as a weekly treatment and so even though it isn't cheap this will last at almost 6 months which in fact works out cheaper than other brands and gives better results also. You also do not end up with a bright red face after you just have a lovely glow. Don't be frightened by the word peel either your skin will not have any skin peeling off for the next few days after using it either. You just end up with glowing, fresh and slightly lifted skin. I don't know how Omorovicza do it with their products BUT I have been using Omorovicza for 2 years now and they are the only brand I fully trust as all their products practice what they preach (unlike other brands) I rave about Omorovicza and most of my skincare is Omorovicza and has been for 2 years now and for me that is a first so their products MUST be great for me to keep buying them. I am 45 years young and get told I look between late 20's and mid 30's and people are shocked when they find out my real age and to me that is priceless. Since using Omorovicza my skin has NEVER looked so good and my skin looks healthier and younger also and for me that is proof and definitely worth the money. Once you start using Omorovicza and see the results you will be well and truly hooked like myself Lol x

  • I really, genuinely enjoy usung this peel, even though it requires some time and effort. Skin is smooth and glowing afterwards, the effect lasts around 2-4 days. Lately I noticed unfortunately that Omorovicza is getting more expensive - whatever happened? It would be my ideal peel but it's very expensive. One star off for the ridiculous price. Other than that - perrfect.

  • I was very nervous about trying a peel at home but was convinced that it was the right decision. No redness, breakouts - just a stunning glow. I followed my first treatment with the plumping cream and couldn't be more pleased. The small size is a great way to try the product and I believe I will get at least 3 more treatments. Definitely worth the price but a little scary since now I want the full size!!!

  • Skin is completely renewed after using the peel. Skin is smoother and more youthful.

  • I have finally tried this amazing product. I have never used any "peel" before as I was always rather scared given that I have highly sensitive skin. I have purchased a box of 16 Copper Peel(without trying it) which shows my compete trust towards Omorovicza. I could not be happier with the result. My skin feels tighter, smoother and more "alive"! I am officially an Omorovicza addict!

  • I've purchased other high end products claiming to "peel" over the years and always ended up with a breakout. I've used the Copper Peel twice and I couldn't be happier. My skin is so clear and glowing that friends who haven't seen me in a while can't get over how great my skin looks. I have that clear bright look that I haven't been able to recapture since my 20's! The packaging is ingenious by the way although it definitely helps to have an explanation!

  • A phenomenal product! Smells amazing and the results are instantaneous, with my skin showing immediate glowing, luminous results. I've honestly never purchased a product quite like this, and initially felt that the idea of 'activating' a product by mixing acids and copper would be gimmicky and have little results. However Omorovicza proved me wrong, and have created a truly outstanding product. A brilliant peel that nourishes and smooths skin, without drying out. I love it.

  • I received this set as a gift and was very hesitant to use it. After sitting on it for a while I decided to give it a try. OMG I wish I tried this a long time ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Copper Peel is now a staple for my at home mask products.

  • This is apparently a very unique product. It does bring radiance back to my skin, and OMG, I didn't know my skin could get that smooth after this treatment!

  • The combination of these products yield amazing results. The first time I applied a treatment, it was as though I had visited a spa for a facial. And I never left home! Amazing. You can get 2 or 3 treatments out of each set easily. Honestly, everything I have tried in this line is like instant love. I am developing a loyalty to this line because everything is fabulous. And I have never been loyal to any one line. Love, love, love this product. You will be amazed at how smooth your face feels after using Cooper Peel.

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