In Hungary, therapists go through a gruelling three-year training and are reputed to be amongst the best therapists in the world. After graduating from high school, a two-year vocational training school has to be attended. Then comes three years as a trainee beauty therapist, and finally a Master’s exam must be passed.

Every beautician who joins Omorovicza undergoes an intensive training programme where they learn unique massage techniques and extensive product knowledge, enabling them to tailor treatments to each guest’s specific needs. Our team of Budapest-based therapists have performed thousands of facials and use their sought-after skills to train other therapists across the globe in Omorovicza treatments.

Therapist Adrienne
“I’ve been a therapist for over 15 years and with Omorovicza right from the beginning. After suffering from problem skin as a teenager, I was inspired to become a beauty therapist and attended Hungarian beauty school.

I love designing treatments and training. I also like meeting people from different cultures and finding solutions for their skin concerns.”
Therapist Anne
“I’ve been a beauty therapist for ten years, inspired by my Scandinavian mother’s natural beauty regime. Omorovicza’s world-class products and facial massage techniques make their treatments truly unique.

The Deep Cleansing Pore Refining facial is the ultimate maintenance treatment that should be had every 6 weeks. Results have to be seen to be believed.”
Therapist Bea
“I’ve been a therapist since 2000 after successfully completing Hungary’s only government-sponsored beauty school. I first experienced Omorovicza in 2008, and after my first facial there was no question which brand I wanted to work for.

I love the products and performing the Hungarian facial massages - they give phenomenal results, with no machinery.”
Therapist Damian
“I’ve been a therapist for 17 years and first came across Omorovicza when I lived in Arizona – one of the driest places on earth. I discovered it made a dramatic improvement to sun damage and wrinkles, and have been hooked ever since!

What I love about my job is the quality of Omorovicza. It is a true spa product, a claim not many other beauty ranges can make.”
Therapist Delfine
“I’ve been a therapist for over 25 years. Growing up in Northern California where everything is so fresh, healthy and natural, I was destined to work in beauty.

The feeling of balanced, healthy skin is unbeatable. I love helping my clients to achieve a beautiful complexion and have advanced facial massage training to help skin that needs firming and toning.”
Therapist Dominika
“I’ve been a professional therapist since 2005 but have been passionate about beauty all my life, with a keen interest in human anatomy and physiology.

I love my job as it gives me the chance to solve a wide range of skin concerns and see an immediate difference in guests’ complexions after Omorovicza treatments. Being a ‘skin doctor’ is very rewarding.”
Therapist sasha
“I’ve been a beauty therapist for the last 12 years, spending seven of them working on cruise ships with a multi-cultural clientele and a wide range of skincare needs.

Being a beautician is very rewarding. There’s no other job where you can help so many different types of people look and feel their best, and Omorovicza facials are the ultimate skin treatment.”
Therapist Sylvia
“I’m a Budapest-based, born and trained therapist from a family of beauticians. The eldest is 76 years old and still practising, so beauty has always been part of my life.

I work with many skin types, but really enjoy helping problem or acne-prone skin to get better. I love performing hands-on Hungarian style facials - I’m lucky that my hobby is also my work!”