US Facial Events

US Facial Events

Available at the world’s most exclusive spa destinations, Omorovicza facials and body treatments are the perfect complement to your daily skincare regime.

Our relaxing yet results-driven treatments are designed to dramatically transform the appearance and texture of your skin. Combining unique Hungarian massage techniques - unlike anything you have ever experienced before - with our award-winning skincare, our team of expertly trained therapists tailors every treatment to your individual needs, leaving skin lifted, rejuvenated and radiant for days afterwards.

Neiman Marcus - Fashion Island - Newport Beach
Neiman Marcus - Fashion Island - Newport Beach
10th February

16th - 17th February

24th February

To book please call +1 949 759 1900 with Gina Buell
601 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Neiman Marcus - Oakbrook
Neiman Marcus - Oakbrook
10th February
22nd - 23rd February

To book please contact Leesa Lukas on +1 630 572 1500
6 Oakbrook Center, Oakbrook, IL 60523

Neiman Marcus - Nortbrook
Neiman Marcus - Northbrook
12th February
25th - 26th February

To book please contact +1 847 564 0300
5000 Northbrook Ct Northbrook, IL 60062

Neiman Marcus - Fort Worth
Neiman Marcus - Forth Worth
15th February
24th - 25th February

To book please contact Olga Ailshie on +1 817 738 3581 ext 2252
2100 Green Oaks Rd, Ft Worth TX 76116

Private Edition - Nashville
Private Edition - Nashville
22th - 25th February

To book please contact Carmen Mabry on +1 615 292 8606
4009 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37125