Moor Mud is one of Omorovicza signature ingredients. We extract it from Lake Heviz near Budapest, the largest spring lake in Europe. The mud has been used for wellbeing for at least two thousand years. Ancient Romans prized it for its health and strength. On Lake Heviz the medicinal effects provided by the natural environment complemented the healing elements of the thermal water.

Moor Mud is unique because it has evolved over 20 thousand years. The residue of herbs, flowers and grass dissolved into the water, turning it into a nutritious pitch black mud full of minerals, plant-based hormones and other nutrients that are easy for the human skin to absorb. Its actions are thermo-physical, biochemical, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory.

The Humic and Fluvic acids present in the Mud are beneficial to detoxify and clean the complexion. Humic acid is the best ingredient you’ve never heard of  with an extremely complex chemical composition. An antioxidant which is easily absorbed and works at the cellular level to reduce inflammation, provide molecular nutrients and reactivate healthy production, smoothing away wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin.

This wonderful and uniquely Hungarian mud inspired Omorovicza to create its iconic Moor Mud Collection.