Every year on June 29th people from around the world come together to celebrate International Mud day. The creators of this unique event are out to prove that mud is more than just what most people see it as, dirt. And this is something we can definitely get on-board with, especially when it comes to beauty.
International Mud Day was first established in 2009 as a way to encourage community spirit and to teach people to appreciate the natural world around them. You might have already guessed that this day is actually celebrated by rolling around in mud.
A whole host of activities are set up for the day (mud cake is even on the menu) and when it comes to getting involved, the dirtier you get, the better.
Though we can’t condone rolling in mud as a way to achieve a beautiful complexion, our unique Moor Mud skincare collection was created using mineral rich Hungarian Moor Mud, extracted from the largest thermal in Europe, and is testament to the fact that mud should be celebrated and is a beautiful ingredient when it comes to your skincare routine.
Though we’re only really referring to the Hungarian kind and not the mud from your garden…
Our premium Moor Mud Collection comprises four products all designed to harness the unique skincare benefits of Moor Mud to continually transform your skin with every use.
Using Moor Mud regularly will purify your complexion; leave your pores impurity free and combat signs of ageing for luminous skin that’s clear, hydrated and youthful. This is because Moor Mud has a rich mineral content of calcium and magnesium, minerals widely known for their ability to nourish and regenerate skin.
For those of you who may be a little mud shy, our best-selling and award-winning Cleansing Thermal Balm is an easy and luxurious way to include mud in your skincare routine. If you’re feeling brave and want to get stuck straight in our Thermal Cleansing balm also comes in a super-size version.
If that’s not enough mud for you, our premium skincare range also includes the Ultramoor Mud Mask, the Deep Cleansing Mask and a Refining Facial Polisher. To shop and discover more about our Moor Mud collection click here and find out more about the benefits of Hungarian Moor Mud in skincare here.
Happy International Mud Day!