We all know the number of benefits regular facials have on the skin. However, due to our hectic schedules, we can quite often skip our regular trip to see a facialist. Although your bathroom shelves are probably filled with a range of products, this isn’t  necessarily a good excuse to skip seeking professional help.
We sometimes think of trips to our facialists as trips to the dentist. It is a 50-50 balance – half of the results are based on professional care, while the other half is maintaining the result of the treatment at home. Our skincare routine works in the same way. As our skin changes constantly, a facial is like a month or bi monthly routine to ensure your complexion’s health is maintained.
Skin cell turnover happens every 28 to 40 days. Considering this cycle plus external factors such as age, weather, sleep and hormones; it is always a good idea to have an expert on hand who can help addressing those changes.  A trained professional will be able to advice on how to effectively treat a specific skin condition and to correct any concerns. Remember no facial is done without a skin analysis.
Getting a professional deep cleanse can actually clear your pores in a much more efficient way than at home. Facialists tend to use a safe and gentle steam to open your pores and allow them to breath. They also have a technique to extract whatever is clogging them. As a result, facials are essential to prevent imperfections and make your products at home work harder as they can penetrate better into the skin.