As an Omorovicza fan, you probably know how important skin fitness is to achieve a healthy, glowing skin (if not, read here). As a workout, skincare products are designed to achieve faster, better and longer-lasting results.

However, sometimes even using products with the most powerful formulas won’t give you the enhanced performance you’re expecting.

Fear not and read on as we explain everything you need to know about ensuring your products work magic every single time.
Learn the science of cleansing: you’ve probably never given much thought on how to apply your facial cleanser, only on how to remove it. However, concentrating on where you have the most pores while applying your face wash will ensure dirt and oil dissolve more effectively. As a result, all the skincare products you apply afterwards will be able to truly penetrate the epidermis, instead of being blocked by any residue left behind in the pores. To learn more about the Omorovicza cleansers click here.
Don’t be afraid of exfoliating: as we age, our cellular turnover slows down and skin doesn’t exfoliate naturally subsequently losing its radiance. In addition, your skin creates a physical shield preventing the ingredients you’re applying from absorbing properly. Exfoliating two to three times a week will ensure the maximum effectiveness of your products. Find your perfect exfoliator here.
Go in order: the first formula you apply on to your skin in the morning or night penetrates better. So whether you’re fighting wrinkles, spots or sun damage, the most active ingredients should be applied first. After these treatments are in place, pass on other products in terms of density from thinnest (such as a serum) to thickest (such as a moisturizer).
Layer on damp skin: damp skin acts like a sponge, quickly absorbing whatever comes its way.

It is important to have some water on your skin to help lock in hydration. Try a toner plus serum combo within one minute of cleansing or getting out of the shower.

Use SPF like a pro: the most common mistake when applying the final moisturizer and SPF step is to rub the SPF in both hands and slathering it onto skin. The result is an uneven application with most of the UV protection being absorbed into your hands, leaving the skin unprotected. We recommend applying 2-3 dots on your forehead, two on each cheek, one on your nose and chin, then finish with two on your neck and one on the top of each hand before rubbing into the skin.
Warm it up: when you wash your face with lukewarm water instead of cold, you raise the skin’s temperature slightly, causing blood vessels and pores to dilate. As a result, you will have a greater surface area for absorption, which helps products getting in. In addition, ingredients can move through skin and interact with cells quicker when the skin is warm.
Learn your power combos: like Bonnie and Clyde, some ingredients work even better when they are combined together. For example, sunscreen and antioxidants are the perfect duo – the first protects the skin from UV rays, the latter neutralizes the free radicals created by those rays before they can do any damage. Another great example is antioxidants and peptides. They boost skin’s ability to protect and heal itself, allowing collagen-building peptides to work better.