Named after the Hungarian word for peacock, Páva is a tiered loyalty programme designed to reward our most loyal and O-mazing customers. Simple to use. Built for you.
As with our brand logo, the Páva motif is also inspired by the peacock, with an individual feather taking centre stage in the designs. Designed by illustrator @REWM
With three tiers, Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald, you can gain access to a myriad of exclusive benefits by accumulating Pávas with every purchase.
Your loyalty journey beings with the Amethyst tier. Inspired by the rich purple hues found at the centremost point of the peacock feather, rewards in this tier include 1 Páva for every £10 / $10 spent, as well as Pávas for product reviews and referring friends.
As you continue on your loyalty journey you will accumulate enough Pávas to unlock the Sapphire tier. Inspired by the iridescent blues of the peacock feather, the Sapphire tier is designed to give you even more! Rewards include an extra sample at checkout as well as early access to new product launches.
Last but by no means least, we have the Emerald tier. Inspired by the emerald green hues found at the outermost point of the peacock feather, the Emerald tier is the pinnacle of Páva loyalty. With benefits like no other, the Emerald tier is for the ultimate Omorovicza Insider. With 2 Pávas for every £15 / $15 spent as well as surprise offers throughout the year.
Become a Páva member today and start unlocking our most covetable rewards!
Currently a Pengo member? Do not worry, you will be immediately transferred over to our new programme, along with our points. Questions? Contact our customer services team here.

Design by REWM