To recreate the spa experience for yourself, follow our simple guide to performing an at home facial using Hungarian massage techniques.

The perfect way to reinvigorate the skin and treat yourself, you can use these to perform a DIY facial or incorporate these steps into your daily routine.

STAGE 1 – Apply Your Products

After cleansing your skin and removing all make up, apply your favourite moisturiser. We recommend the Rejuvenating Night Cream, Balancing Moisturiser or Miracle Facial Oil as great products to use during the facial.

Apply your favourite moisturiser

STAGE 2 – Massage the Face

Use the same techniques that our expert Hungarian therapists employ in our international spas to rejuvenate and revive your complexion.

Scissor Lift: Squeeze and life the skin working up from the face from lips to ears, in scissor-like movements.

Circle Upwards: Use the 2nd and 3rd fingertips to create upwards circular motions on the cheeks, forehead and around the eyes.

Fan: Create a rapid upward flicking movement on both sides of the face and neck.

Pinching technique

Pummeling: Work upwards, flicking the skin with alternating hands, along the cheek muscles on both sides of the face.

Pinching: Pinch the cheeks with alternating hands on both sides of the face.

Up the Neck: Apply firm, upwards strokes from neck to chin, slowly working from left to right

Massage the Forehead: Create a rapid upward flicking movement across the forehead then follow by firmly stroking the forehead, slowly working from left temple to right.

STAGE 3 – Target Pressure Points

Help to relieve facial tension and reduce puffiness by applying pressure to specific points on your face. Remember to always be gentle around the eye area.

Eyebrow squeezes

Eyebrows: Applying a light pressure, follow eyebrows from inner to outer corners, touching the four pressure points

Orbital Bone: Applying even lighter pressure, follow the orbital bone from inner to outer corners, touching pressure points.

Temples: Lightly press fingers on the temples and release

Eyebrow Squeezes: Lightly squeeze the eyebrows

To learn more about facial massage from one of our expert therapists, book into a one to one video consultation or find your nearest store or spa to book a treatment.