The Omorovicza journey began over 2000 years when the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters were discovered. The secret behind the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters lies in the unique geological features of this region. Below Hungary the earth’s crust is thinner enabling the waters to absorb beneficial minerals more effectively as they journey to the surface.

The magic of the healing waters comes from their unique mix of minerals and trace elements. Omorovicza’s mission is to capture the curative magic of these healing waters in skincare, replicating the unparalleled effects of the Budapest thermal baths. In their natural state, the minerals found in the waters are not bio-available, meaning they do not absorb into the skin. To capture the magic, the minerals need to be transformed. Enlisting the skills of a Nobel prize- winning laboratory in Hungary, Omorovicza developed the patented Healing Concentrate. A process of bio-fermentation captures the minerals in the waters and transforms them into complex compounds enabling absorption into the skin.

The results are nothing short of extraordinary, firmer, suppler, youthful looking skin. A wonder ingredient was born, and our mission became a reality.

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