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Discover our collection of luxury minis. Mix and match to create your own bespoke mini set and treat yourself to a moment of self-care and indulgence.

  • Bestseller

    Queen of Hungary Mist
    Gentle and refreshing texture of the Queen of Hungary Mist

    Queen of Hungary Mist 30ml

    Cooling mist for instant hydration

  • Bestseller

    Thermal Cleansing Balm
    Thick texture of Thermal Cleansing Balm. Formulated with Hungarian Moor Mud the product has deep grey colour.

    Thermal Cleansing Balm 15ml

    Purifying and hydrating cleansing balm to remove all makeup without stripping skin


    Daily Vitamin C
    Close up of Daily Vitamin C light orangy texture

    Daily Vitamin C 5ml

    Daily antioxidant protection to brighten, smooth and prevent environmental damage

  • Bestseller

    Deep Cleansing Mask
    Luxurious texture in cream and beige colours of Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

    Deep Cleansing Mask 15ml

    Detoxifying mud mask to deeply cleanse and clarify congested and oily skin

  • Gentle Buffing Gelée
    a close up of exfoliating cleanser Gentle Buffing Gelée

    Gentle Buffing Gelée 30ml

    Gentle, exfoliating daily cleanser to brighten and smooth​

  • Refining Facial Polisher
    A close up of Refining Facial Polisher texture. Physical exfoliator has deep green colour.

    Refining Facial Polisher 30ml

    Transformative exfoliator to refine and brighten dull skin

  • Bestseller

    Even Tone
    Texture of Even tone is light and has a milky colour. Designed to reduce hyperpigmentation and corrects uneven tone.

    Even Tone 5ml

    Daily serum to correct all causes of unevenness

  • Queen Oil
    Close up of the Queen Oil texture. Drops of oil displayed on beige background.

    Queen Oil 5ml

    Nutrient-rich, intensely hydrating, fast-absorbing face oil

  • Firming Body Oil
    A detailed shot of Firming Body Oil texture.

    Firming Body Oil

    Aromatic body oil to rejuvenate and firm dry skin

  • Bestseller

    Ultramoor Mud Mask
    A close up of Ultramoor Mud Mask texture, creamy and rich it has grey colour. Formulated with Moor Mud

    Ultramoor Mud Mask

    Flash mud mask to lift and clarify dull skin

  • Queen Cream
    A close up of texture of Queen Cream. Luxurious creamy texture with a soft pink colour.

    Queen Cream 5ml

    Rich creamy texture for a boost of hydration

  • Omoressence
    A close up of Omoressence texture, light and hydrating essence.

    Omoressence 30ml

    Balancing and hydrating essence for all skin types

  • Elemental Emulsion
    A close up of Elemental Emulsion light texture.

    Elemental Emulsion 30ml

    A lightweight, moisture-boosting emulsion for all skin types

  • NEW

    Queen Serum
    Queen Serum

    Queen Serum 5ml

    Superpowered serum expertly formulated to reduce the depth of wrinkles

  • NEW

    Body Serum
    Body Serum

    Body Serum 10ml

    Instantly hydrating body serum to improve texture and tone of skin

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Our story

Healing waters from antiquity

The Omorovicza journey began over 2,000 years ago, when the healing properties of Hungary's thermal waters were discovered and the first thermal baths were built