Hungarian Moor Mud

Hungarian Moor Mud, rich in minerals and acids, detoxifies and purifies skin.

Hungarian Moor Mud

The rich mineral content of Hungarian Moor Mud has been prized by European communities for its ability to regenerate skin damaged by free radicals and environmental stress. The health benefits of Moor Mud were first realised by the Romans when the wounds of their injured horses healed at a much faster rate when they journeyed through the mineral rich mud. Specifically, the combination of calcium and magnesium in Moor Mud is what enabled the wounds to heal faster and when delivered to skin it is these nourishing minerals which help to heal a wide range of skincare conditions. Furthermore, the presence of both humic and fulvic acid in Moor Mud detoxify and purify the complexion, providing a deep cleanse that removes impurities within the skin. The skincare benefits of Moor Mud are numerous and when used regularly will purify and re-balance skin by stripping away impurities, balancing sebum production to reduce breakouts, helping to even tone and tackle early signs of ageing.

Moor Mud Collection

Moor Mud Collection

Discover Omorovicza's iconic Moor Mud Collection, powered by the transformative powers of mineral rich mud from Hungary's Lake Hévíz. Hungarian Moor Mud contains calcium and magnesium carbonates, humic acid and fulvic acid, which work together to purify and nourish the skin.


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