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Copper is so much more than just your next kitchen accessory...

It is a skincare ingredient that will improve both the appearance and tone of your complexion.

Want to know more? Of course you do....

Why is copper good for my skin?

Copper skincare products are flooding the beauty scene, and there is good reason. Copper in its bio-available forms (such as copper gluconate or copper peptides, the terms are interchangeable), helps to maintain and control the skin’s natural sebum levels, mattifying the complexion and minimising breakouts.

In addition to this, copper rich face creams or serums are also known to enhance the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, reducing signs of ageing and scarring caused by environmental stressors or acne.

Copper is also often combined with other skincare ingredients, vitamins and minerals to create rich copper compounds, further enhancing its transformative ability.

For instance, our Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel contains a unique combination of copper, essential amino acids and an anti-glycation phosphate which together help to promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin for a younger looking, shine free complexion

How will copper benefit my skin?

Five reasons to start using copper skincare today...

✓ Detoxifies the skin by drawing out excess oil from the pores, reducing and preventing breakouts

✓ Regulates the skin’s natural sebum levels to reduce and control shine for a mattified appearance

✓ Copper’s astringent effect tightens pores for a perfected, even-toned complexion

✓ Enhances the skins naturally healing ability, reducing the formation and appearance of scarring

✓ Promotes skin cell renewal and restores youthfulness by enhancing collagen and elastin production

Is copper right for my skin?

Yes, especially if your skin is...

✓ Oily

✓ Blemish prone

✓ Ageing

✓ Enlarged pores

✓ Acne scarred / damaged

Our best copper skincare

Treat yourself (and your skin) and shop our collection of copper face creams, copper serums and copper peels.



With salicylic acid and copper gluconate for brilliantly brighter skin
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