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There are many organic compounds that are essential to the health of your body, none more so than Amino Acids. These compounds are the building blocks of protein and play a crucial role in many biological processes as they make up a large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissues.

Why Amino Acids are good for my skin?

Clearly Amino Acids are crucial to the health of our skin and even aid in the synthesis of collagen and elastin – the cells that make up portion of the skin below the epidermis, the dermis.

Amino acids actually stimulate the regeneration of these deeper cells, helping to strengthen, firm and even thicken the skin overtime.

Therefore skin becomes more resistant to early signs of ageing which occur as skin weakens and thins with age – a direct result of low levels of amino acids.

How Amino Acids will transform my complexion?

Using Amino Acids in your daily skincare regime will strengthen and de-age skin overtime, visibly brightening and refining the skin by:

✓ Strengthening and firming the dermis to reinforce skin against early signs of ageing

✓ Maintaining skin’s youthful plumpness and elasticity for a smoother, line free complexion

✓ Encouraging repair and healing within the deeper layers of the skin for a brighter, more even-toned complexion

✓ Boosting skin’s ability to store water, protecting against moisture loss and allowing for a visibly smoother and fresher appearance

Our Best Amino Acid Skincare

Shop our best Amino Acid skincare today and build a skincare regime that will brighten, de-age and strengthen your skin for a youthful complexion that is illuminated from within.