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Condition - Puffy eyes. Cause - Sleepless nights, hormones and quite possibly, the extra glass of wine you swore you wouldn’t have. Whatever the reason, puffy eyes is one of the most highly searched beauty concerns across the world but today ladies, gentlemen, the search is finally over. And it is all thanks to a little herb who goes by the name of arnica. Let us introduce you…

What is Arnica

Arnica belongs to a group of herbaceous plants within the sunflower family, but it is not something you are likely to find in your back garden, unless your back garden happens to be in a region of western North America or Eurasia.

For years Arnica has been used with medicinal and homeopathic markets, thanks to the natural healing ability of the plant. You have probably already heard of it, as it is known by a few other names including Mountain Tobacco, Leopard’s bane and Wolfsbane.

How Does Arnica Work?

Arnica is nature’s anti-inflammatory, tackling swelling in everything from insect bites to bruises. Within the skincare industry, arnica is famed for this anti-inflammatory ability, as this makes it perfect for combating puffiness, especially in the under-eye area.

You can find arnica within our Reviving Eye Cream and our Gold Eye Lift, both of which utilise arnica to tackle puffiness as well additional actives including vitamins A (retinol), C and K.

What Results Will I See If I Use Arnica?

Arnica is the not-so-secret solution for puffy eyes and used a part of your regular skincare routine can bring real results. As a natural anti-inflammatory, it helps to reduce swelling, combating tired, puffy eyes for a fresher and more revived complexion.

Arnica | The Verdict

Whether your puffy eyes are a result of a lack of sleep or hormones, arnica is your new weapon in the fight against puffiness. Don’t just take our word for it, try one of our arnica formulated eyes creams for yourself.

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Arnica Eye Cream

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