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January 14th, 2019

Good intentions and resolutions are everywhere in January; so why not start by revitalising your skin?

To give you a head start, the experts at Omorovicza have compiled a list of the most common skincare faux pas to avoid and advice on how to achieve your healthiest, most youthful-looking skin in 2019.


While your products may be working their hardest, your lifestyle choices may be preventing you from reaching your skin goals. Wherever you live and whatever you do, the following tips will ensure you're approaching skincare from a 360 perspective:

Drink plenty of water. Eight glasses a day will boost the skin's hydration levels, leaving it plump, smooth and younger-looking.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Adding ingredients like berries and root vegetables to your diet will allow your body to function at its best while providing essential vitamins and minerals to the skin.

Be alcohol and smoke-free. These two habits accelerate your skin’s natural ageing process. Smoking decreases the level of oxygen delivered to your cells, causing fine lines, wrinkles and a dulled complexion, while alcohol can cause sensitivity and redness. By cutting ties with these two habits, the skin will begin to appear brighter, firmer and younger-looking.


It can be tempting to cleanse your skin frequently, especially if you suffer from oily or blemish-prone skin. However, over-cleansing can disrupt your skin’s barrier function and leave it feeling tight and uncomfortable. This stripping of the skin’s natural lipids can cause an increase in sebum production, exacerbating shine and increasing the chance of blemishes.

If you struggle to find the balance, why not try the Omorovicza double-cleanse:
In the evening, apply an oil-based cleanser (great for removing the day’s pollutants) like our Thermal Cleansing Balm and gently massage into the skin, slowly add water to allow the product to emulsify. Rinse with warm water and follow with your preferred Omorovicza cleanser for luxuriously clean skin. Find your most-suited Omorovicza Cleanser.


Exfoliants are vital to maintaining skin health and when used correctly present a multitude of benefits. Consistent use of acid exfoliants can make the skin clearer, smoother and more radiant.
Similar to over-cleansing, over-exfoliating can exacerbate skin concerns. So, how do you know if you've been over exfoliating? The answer is simple - any signs that your skin has sustained a defensive response, such as excessive sebum production, breakouts, peeling or flaking, and tightness.

If you experience any of the above, you might try reducing the frequency of exfoliant use in your routine. Exfoliating 1 to 2 times per week will provide the benefits, without over-stimulating the skin. It is also imperative to understand which type of exfoliant, or acid, is suited to your skin type. To find your perfect product, visit our 'The Power of Acids' blog.


It can be an easy task to procrastinate, however taking the time to individually clean your makeup brushes is central to obtaining healthy, glowing skin.

Every time you use a makeup brush, it collects and traps everything that is on your face. This includes oils, dead skin cells, dust and other bacteria. So, every time you use an unclean brush, you are returning the perfect recipe for blemishes.

Cleaning your brushes 1 to 2 times per week can dramatically reduce the appearance of blemishes, as well as helping to preserve the quality of your makeup tools. The best part? You can use your a regular foaming cleanser, like our Cleansing Foam, or shampoo to ensure a thorough clean.


The hours we spend sleeping are some of the most important for our skin. For many of us, we struggle between a lack of sleep and being so tired that we cosy up for the night without removing our makeup!

Both negatively impact your skin’s health. Chronic sleep loss causes your body to release more cortisol, the stress hormone, leading to fine lines, wrinkles and a lacklustre complexion. While sleeping in makeup traps bacteria and oil within your pores, causing inflammation, comedones and blemishes.

To get the most out of your sleep this year, try the following:

Have a digital detox. Turn off all electronic devices and dim the lights at least 30 minutes before sleep. Detaching yourself from the ‘always-on’ world will help you to relax and drift off peacefully.

Invest in high thread-count bedding and ensure your pillowcases are washed regularly to protect your skin from bacteria.

Remove your makeup in two quick and simple steps. Double-cleansing nightly will remove all traces of your makeup, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. Follow with your preferred night cream or mask to reveal a clear and radiant complexion by morning. Discover our Night Treatments, Rejuvenating Night Cream and Midnight Radiance Mask to find out more.

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