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Binge Masking

May 09th, 2017

Last year we taught you how to ‘multimask,’ (read here) however, have you heard about ‘binge masking’? Wondering what it is? Is it the same thing as ‘multimasking?’ 
The concept behind both is the same, however binge masking is the practice of applying multiple face masks in one go, after each other, to boost their effects.
We’ve sought advice from our therapists to ascertain the best combinations for your skin without irritating your face. First and foremost we recommend you don’t use more than one mask with a chemical or physical exfoliant. Plus, we advise that you use a maximum of three masks during your ‘binge masking’ session!

Oily, Blemish-Prone, Sensitive Skin
If you are needing to calm your skin, we suggest you take a two-step approach. The first mask should be a hydrating one to help soothe and calm the skin. We suggest the Gold Hydralifting Mask which will help to heal micro-damage and lock in your moisture levels. After this, use a heavier mask, full of detoxifying and brightening properties. We suggest the Ultramoor Mud Mask as it has the perfect combination of Hungarian Moor mud and zinc oxide with essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus, to control sebum production and have a cooling antiseptic effect.

Dry to Normal Skin
If you are looking to nourish and detoxify your skin, start with a deep cleansing mask to protect your skin from against environmental damage. We suggest you start with the Deep Cleansing Mask. Once applied to your skin, a cell layer of dead skin is removed, which will give you a better base to absorb the nourishing and revitalising ingredients within your skincare. After, we recommend you apply the Instant Plumping Mask for deep hydration and to give your complexion a healthy and firm appearance.
The most important thing to remember is that masks give you a chance to spend a moment with yourself. So no matter what the combination, enjoy the ritual and leave the ingredients to do all the heavy work!

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