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  • This spring has taken me around the world, both for work and pleasure, and this spring, I’ve had the chance to enjoy pleasant sunny days in Budapest, Paris, and London. As the sun has begun peeking out again this time of year, I’ve made sure to pack some Omorovicza SPF products with me for days out.

    Head Start on Summer with SPF

    May 09th, 2013

    For my suitcase, I picked these three lovely treats for a quick morning refresh for the day:

  • As it warms up for spring, we always recommend updating your daily skincare with the change in temperatures. But that doesn't mean it's time to put away your thicker creams in the cupboard. On the contrary, you can make sure your skin stays hydrated with some of our most indulgent products all year round.

    Hydrating Spring Duo: Intensive Hydra-Lifting & Rejuvenating Night Creams

    April 26th, 2013

    Banish signs of dryness and aging with an intensely hydrating duo: the Intensive Hydra-Lifting Cream & Rejuvenating Night Cream, a perfect night & day pair for powerful protection and hydration.

  • Spring is a time when it’s a good idea to re-evaluate your regular skincare as the seasons change and the sun is out longer. Apart from switching to lighter moisturisers and everyday SPF products, you can shed dead skin cells and reveal radiant skin with a little focus on exfoliation.

    May Tip: Exfoliate for Spring with Cleansing Foam and Gentle Buffing Cleanser

    April 24th, 2013

    We recommend combining two of our best-selling facial products – the Cleansing Foam and Gentle Buffing Cleanser. The light, aerated formula of the Cleansing Foam mixed with the gentle diatomaceous earth and rosemary extracts in our Gentle Buffing Cleanser make the perfect light, yet thorough cleanse for spring.

  • We at Omorovicza are delighted to launch the Complexion Corrector SPF 20 this spring! Unlike other CC Creams, the Omorovicza Complexion Corrector was created in response to consumer demand for an effective solution to hyper-pigmentation, uneven tone, and redness. It brightens the complexion, and fits perfectly with many other products in our facial range. Here we have developed a quick Q&A with the expert advice of our therapists in Budapest.

    All About the Complexion Corrector SPF 20

    April 12th, 2013

    What is the Complexion Corrector SPF 20, and how do I use it?

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