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How to Begin Your Full Body Detox: The Incredible Benefits of a Cold Shower

February 22nd, 2016

Budapest Baths

The physiological benefits of immersing the body in cold water have long been recognised as a powerful method in how to detox the body. The Roman baths were characterised by their aptly named fridgidarium –a room dedicated to rapidly cool the body at the end of a day’s regime; while James Bond famously championed the ‘Scottish Shower’ (alternating warm water with a blast of cold) in fiction. Even today a plunge into ice water, or even fresh snow, remains a central process in Finnish saunas and yogic tradition.

Undeniably, hydrotherapy, and in particular cold shower therapy continues to be recognised in health and beauty rituals around the world. Yet how can something so simple be so effective in revitalising the body? As the long list of advantages surrounding this simple regime continues to grow, we look at the most essential benefits of cold showers – a little motivation for you when turning the temperature dial down as far as you can go.

1. A boost for the immune system The main virtue of a cold shower is the way it stimulates and builds your body’s immune system. By exposing the body to a sudden rush of cold water after a warm shower you activate your immune system – a physiological ‘wake-up call’ for the day ahead. Studies have also shown that regular cold showers or ‘Scottish showers’ increase the overall count of white blood cells in the body, fortifying the lymphatic system and strengthening your defence against diseases.

2. To increase the metabolism When it comes to activating your body, a cold shower is your best friend. As well as increasing blood flow and aiding muscle recovery after exercise, the exposure to cold temperatures has been proven to activate your brown fat cells to convert stored into produce heat, boosting the metabolic rate of the body and kick starting your metabolism for day ahead.

3. Stimulating your circulation Strong circulation is crucial to a full body detox. A healthy cardiovascular system is the body’s key means of transporting essential nutrients as well as oxygenating the muscles, skin, and vital organs. ‘Sottish showers’ begin with warm water to dilate the capillaries and draw blood up to skin’s surface, while lowering the temperature then pulls it back towards the internal organs. By alternating temperatures and you effectively flush the rich nutrients in the blood around the body, as well as preventing hypertension, hardening of the arteries and even varicose veins.

4. Reinvigorating the skin’s surface While it may feel less comfortable, cold water is far more protective of the skin’s surface than hot water, which dries out the skin and hair. On sensitive areas such as your face and neck, Omorovicza’s expert recommend using tepid water on a cleansing mitt, while finishing with a splash of cold water contracts the open pores and forms a barrier against external pollution. The added flush of circulation will also aid the detoxification of the skin and give a fresh, youthful complexion.

5. Improving the shine of hair. In the same way warm water opens the pores of the skin, it also expands the cuticles and dries the roots of the hair, exposing them to damage and hair loss. A simple rise of cold water remedies these problems: not only does it seal your cuticles and roots to prevent hair breakage and loss; it also smooths the texture of the hair follicle – resulting in shinier, stronger hair.

6. Lowering stress and increasing mental alertness Embracing a cold shower may not be easy, but the even the physical act of bracing and turning the dial down as far as it will go builds willpower and metal strength. As well being claimed to alleviate depression, the physical benefits of a cold shower actually result in a form of mental ‘stress detox’. Cold shower therapy is a small ritual in facing your fears; while the ensuing rush of adrenalin will release any accumulated tension, naturally lowering your stress levels in body and in mind.

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