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Global Wellness Day 2017

June 05th, 2017

Global Wellness Day is taking place on the 10th of June this year.  If you haven’t celebrated this international event before, it’s the perfect occasion to remind yourself that that wellness is key to happiness. We have compiled a list of how people celebrate Global Wellness Day internationally as it is acclaimed in around 100 countries and in more than 3000 locations. 

  • In Hungary, several thermal baths will give complimentary treatments throughout the day, around the country.
  • Skincare and wellness conferences will be held in Florida and Texas. High profile doctors and dermatologists will be on hand to give tips on anti-ageing products, about how to prepare your own natural skincare products etc…
  • In Cyprus, the President Nicos Anastasiades has  organised a massive celebration in Limassol in the afternoon with concerts, food or sport classes (yoga, pilates, massages)
  • In Amsterdam, the National Global Opera and Ballet have joined forces to celebrate a “Dance for Health” and to bring some of the most inspirational health and beauty speakers together to talk about what wellness means for them.
  • In Spain, many different activities will be taking place. For example Dive Zen in Canary Islands (yoga and meditation underwater), meditation in the streets of Zaragoza (south of Spain) or complimentary massages will be offered in Madrid airport.
  • In Brazil, the Kurotel spa’s medical personnel will speak about the concept of wellness and how you can change small habits in your everyday life. Local visitors will be able to enjoy a wide range of wellness sessions from the 3rd June to the 10th


How will you celebrate Global Wellness Day?


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