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Gold, Frankincense & Myrhh

December 17th, 2015

Benefits of Gold, Frankincense and Myhrr

We all know how the story goes; according to the Gospel of Matthew, the three wise men presented gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus as a gift to celebrate his birth.

But did you know what benefits these three ingredients have on skin?

The benefits of gold can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians when Cleopatra reportedly slept in a gold face mask every night. Gold is a natural inflammatory which optimizes DNA and cellular repair. It is renowned for its anti-ageing properties and subsequently is the key ingredient within our Gold Collection.

Once costing worth more than its weight in gold, Frankincense has long been revered in the Middle East for its healing, cleansing and therapeutic properties. The rejuvenating essential oil promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells. As a result it helps to treat dry skin, reverse signs of ageing and heal cuts and grazes. Frankincense is beneficial for those with greasy skin conditions as it is a natural astringent and subsequently helps to regulate sebum and tone and firm skin.

Similar to Frankincense, Myrhh has been used for thousands of years dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. The oil helps to maintain healthy skin and is extremely beneficial in hydrating the skin. It can be found in our Intensive Hydralifting Cream.

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