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Why Gold is a must this Winter

January 30th, 2019

With winter well and truly underway your skin might need some extra care to deal with the colder weather. Our Gold Collection is the perfect solution for just that.

Discover this powerful ingredient in our precious Gold Collection which harnesses the curative power of colloidal gold to lend the face a more youthful appearance.

• Anti-inflammatory
The colder months can play havoc with your skin. Colloidal gold has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can help to alleviate dry skin, redness and skin irritations.

• Brightens complexion
Skin can tend to look a little lacklustre during the colder months but do not fear, colloidal gold can help by re-texturing skin to reveal a radiant, healthier and more youthful looking complexion.

• Evens skin tone
Gold, along with watercress extract and zinc in our products, helps to inhibit the production of melanin, a cause of dark spots and uneven skin, to promote a more even toned complexion.

• Treats UV damage
Even during Winter it is important to protect the skin again UV damage, colloidal gold is praised for its purported ability to ward off UV damage as continued use reduces the production of melanin.

• Prevents premature ageing
Gold is renowned for its anti-ageing properties as it helps to accelerate blood circulation and the metabolic rate of the skin, which can both help to prevent premature ageing.

Discover our Gold Collection here.

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