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Introducing Our New Complexion Perfectors

July 05th, 2018

The wait is finally over, our Complexion Perfectors are back and better than ever.

Deeply hydrating, our new tinted moisturisers condition the skin to give a natural glow, whilst delivering sheer, even and natural coverage. Enhanced with pollution fighting ingredients, they provide the perfect all-in-one solution for daily protected, healthy skin. Read on to find the perfect match for your skin tone.

Our lightest shade is most suited to those with fairer, or paler skin tones with pink undertones. If you have previously used our light shade, then this is the formulation for you.

The second of our three shades, medium, is best suited to those with more tanned, olive skin tones with yellow undertones.

The newest addition to our shade selection is our deepest shade yet and is most suited to those with darker, deeper skin tones.

Additionally, you can combine your favourite shades for the perfect colour match.

Whichever shade you choose, each has a beautiful, creamy texture, which once absorbed, perfectly adjusts to your skin tone, for a naturally glowing complexion.

Shop the new Complexion Perfectors here.

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