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Makeup Artist Secrets – Makeup On The Go

February 27th, 2018

Makeup Artist Secrets - Makeup On The Go - Grace Revington

Join professional makeup artist Grace Revington for our new Makeup Artist Secrets Series. This week she looks at makeup on the go and reveals her top tips for perfecting fast and fresh makeup for when you’re in a hurry.

We’re half way into 2018’s Autumn/Winter Fashion Weeks’, two more cities to go! Whether you’re the ‘Frow’ elite or constantly updating your Instagram obsessing over the fabulous bold prints on your way to work; we could all benefit from some tips and tricks on how to perfect the back of the cab rushing to a show/late for a meeting (thanks to said Instagram browsing) makeup.

My insider makeup artist tips are here to invite you to join the club of the commuter wizards that conjure up a fast and fresh face makeup using only minimal products and easy techniques. Makeup wands at the ready, let’s get started.

Makeup Artist Secrets Series - Grace Revington

Tip One:

Go for products that can be used to serve multiple purposes. This will save space in your cosmetics bag as well as making your life easier when applying the products also. Try By Terry’s Glow-Expert Duo Stick in ‘Peachy Petal’ ( a blush/highlighter in one, the glow stick can also be used on the eyes for a wash of colour.

Tip Two:

Always carry a concealer. Instead of lugging around a heavy bottle of foundation to touch up, use Omorovicza Mineral Touch Concealer, a creamy concealer offering a full coverage to erase any imperfections. I like using ‘Beige’ under the eyes as the peachy undertone minimises dark circles. Warm this onto the back of the hand first and then buff into the skin using fingertips for a flawless application.

Tip Three:

Pack a mirror compact. I will always travel with a compact in my bag that has a mirror. This may sound simple but I’ve seen lots of people using selfie mode on their phone to do their makeup. The picture can be fuzzy, your hands get confused, your phone gets confused and things start going in slow motion. Mirrors are fool proof.

Tip Four:

Smudged eyeliner. I challenge even the most talented of artists to create a perfect feline flick on the move. My advice is to use a soft kohl liner to define the eyes; start by lining the upper lash line and blend with a classic eye shadow brush or for a more lived in ‘just woke up like this’ look, use your ring finger. Gently dot the liner on the lower lash line and then blend to create a stronger finish. I like to use Kevyn Aucoin’s The Eye Pencil Primatif in ‘Basic Black’.

Tip Five:

Hydration. You’ve applied too much bronzer or your foundation isn’t sitting right, where did those dry patches come from?! I have the saviour to all skins dehydrated problems, Omorovociza’s Queen of Hungary Mist. Just spritz over the face to refresh tired make up and hydrate the skin. I use it to reactivate my base and then use a flat foundation brush to tap and buff away any harsh edges of unblended makeup. You’ll have a dewy and plumper complexion in no time.

Tip Six:

Retractable tools. Say you’re a fan of a loose powder but shudder at the thought of the mess this may cause (the man sat next to you will not thank you for the white explosion on his freshly pressed black trousers). Invest in a retractable powder brush. Load this with your favourite powder before you leave the house and take pleasure in applying it minus the stress! The Hourglass Double-Ended Complexion Brush is the perfect on the go tool.

Tip Seven:

The clean up. No matter how careful one might be at avoiding the dreaded mascara wand eye pokeage, that train signal failure causing hard breaking can come at any moment. Alas, leaving us with the inevitable, black smudges in places they shouldn’t be. The answer, always carry some cotton buds to erase any makeup mishaps. I like to roll them in concealer first and gently swipe over to lift off any wrong doings. It never happened!

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