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Narcissus Poeticus

October 10th, 2016

Narcissus stem cells are a key ingredient within our latest launch, the Instant Perfection Serum. We reveal why this floral ingredient is so good for your skin..

Narcissus is an antioxidant-rich flower and is renowned for its brightening effects.  The bulb of this flower contains IBR-Dormin which helps to improve the renewal process of your cells, giving your skin a healthy appearance.  Narcissus is also known for its anti-ageing properties; the ingredient has been proven to reduce he deterioration of pigmentation as a result of sun exposure.

When applying our new Instant Perfection Serum, the ingredient increases the skin’s natural defences from outside aggressors such as pollution, UV etc. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the elasticity and the durability of skin cells are increased. 

Our new Instant Perfection Serum has been created to suit all skin types. Have you tried it yet?

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