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August 30th, 2018

To celebrate the launch of Facial Fridays at Private Edition, we sat down with Carmen our resident skincare guru in Nashville to chat all things Omorovicza, her tips and tricks and what it is about this Tennessee boutique that makes it such a beauty destination.

What is your job title and how long have you been with Omorovicza at Private Edition?
Omorovicza Business Manager for 9 + years and Makeup Artist with Private Edition for over 12 years. I started in the beauty and skincare industry when I was 18 years old and began my career as a Makeup Artist 25 years ago.

What are your favourite Omorovicza products and why?
OK this question for me will be difficult…. I love them all! This is tough as I like certain products and think you should change up the products you use for different seasons when it’s cold or hot outside as our skin changes as well and with age too. My current top 3 are:
1. Rejuvenating Night Cream – Best night cream on the market! This velvety creamy texture is like butter on your skin. When using regularly my skin remains well hydrated, I notice my fine lines especially on my forehead and neck are minimized. With the carrot oil in it, I wake up with a glow and feel like I’ve had a facial! It’s also great to use when you’re traveling on a plane, especially a long flight because it’s a barrier cream and it protects your skin.

2. Complexion Perfector - This one stop shop product is the best BB cream I’ve ever used. Hands-down. Being from a make-up artist background anyone who knows me… knows I’m all about good skin care and getting that healthy glow overall and a fresh natural look is my thing!

3. Last product but not least by far...Welcome Acid fix. This product is a game changer! As soon as this product launched recently literally overnight I could see a difference in my skin. My skin was brighter, tighter, exfoliated, resurfaced and glowing! The acne on my chin which I get occasionally was diminished. The very next day I got so many compliments on my skin from clients and co-workers. Anyone looking for a product to quickly turn over your skin for fresh new tight skin this is your ticket. This is also my recommendation for anyone with sun damage or hyperpigmentation that’s needing to repair and wants it fast. Not only have I seen an improvement in my own skin but also seeing before and afters with clients and how happy they are.

Any expert skincare tips that you can share with us?
Clean skin is healthy skin. I learned very young from both my grandmothers and my mother how important it is to take care of your skin. At 12 my mom used to make me wash my face twice a day even when I didn’t want to and she got me on a skin care regimen. Most of the women in our family have beautiful skin but I’ve always struggled with occasional acne even as an adult sometimes.

One thing I think helps is double cleansing. Especially at night to really break down dirt, oil, make up, mascara and sunscreen. I religiously use the Thermal Cleansing Balm as it removes stubborn waterproof mascara or a long wearing shadow sticks which I tend to wear a lot. The added benefit with this sweet almond oil in this product that I love is that it conditions your lashes and helps them grow and stay hydrated. The mud in this balm cleanser is awesome because it pulls out impurities and unclogs pores. Once massaged in, take a steamy warm mitt and remove thoroughly. It’s divine! Then follow with Cleansing Foam or Cashmere Cleanser as a second cleanse and splash off. Your skin will love it and will be detoxed from environmental pollutions.

Another trick that I like to do for a quick pick me up of hydration and instant glow factor. Take Omoroessense...shake a couple of drops into the palm of your hand with 2-3 drops of Miracle Facial Oil. Massage quickly into your palms of your hands then press onto the face. I do this trick to clients all the time. They’ll ask me what did you do!? I laugh and say nothing. They say that only took five minutes and my skin already looks better! It’s nice to apply this cocktail either on bare skin or even over your make up that you may have had on all day but maybe you’re going out for dinner after work or out on the town.

What facial treatments should we try at Private Edition Nashville and why?
Obviously, I am partial to the products as they truly change my skin for the better. And honestly the best facial I’ve ever had is the Omorovicza Waterbed Facial. It’s not just a fluffy feel good facial, though it does feel luxuriously divine. You have to experience it yourself to understand. The first time I ever had this facial I had never experienced that type before and I was hooked!
It’s really like a workout for your skin to tighten the facial neck and upper décolleté muscles. Therefore after this vigorous movements in this proprietary facial you leave with lifted glowing tight skin that looks like you’ve had a facelift. You can tell a difference immediately and it lasts for a couple weeks. Clients absolutely go on and on about it and come in regularly for this particular facial. The amazing Omorovicza aesthetician will determine the exact facial best that suits your skin type and needs. I Encourage everyone to treat themselves to the Omorovicza facial! Your skin will be lifted oxygenated deep cleanse and plumped! You will not be disappointed.

Anything else you can tell us about Private Edition Nashville?
Private Edition has been the go to place for luxury beauty products, skincare and exclusive fragrances in Nashville for over 37 years. It is a local secret that everyone wants to know about! Our lovely owner, the one and only, Linda Roberts began this amazing business on her own with a small display case with only a few luxury brands you could not find anywhere. Her vision foresight and determination allowed her to bring hard to find European and exclusive US brands to the country musical capital for the first time ever. To this day it still is the premier one stop shop for all beauty products and skincare needs offering a variety of first class services for men and women. Offering facials, waxing, lash dipping and extensions, among many more from the best of the best Aesthetician’s and top Makeup Artists around! We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. The gals at Private Edition are like a family and you can’t get any better, anywhere.

Facial treatments are now available to book every Friday at Private Edition Nashville. To experience one of our signature Hungarian facials please contact

Can’t make it to Nashville? Head to our spa page to find a treatment room near you.

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