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Omorovicza Boudoir Moments with Beauty Junkie

February 24th, 2017


Hungarian beauty blogger Beauty Junkie reveals which Omorovicza products she uses to pamper herself in the next of our Boudoir Moments series. 

"I'm using the Instant Perfection Serum as a primer and it's amazing! Helps with the fine lines and gives my skin a beautiful glow which I love during winter. If you need some instant hydration, the Oxygen Booster is the way to go! It has lightweight texture and instant effect on the skin. I usually remove my makeup with the Hydra Melting Cleanser. This is the most hydrating cleanser I've ever tried, and my skin loves it! It has a lovely texture, divine scent and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. It's like a spa treatment every night. I use my Queen Of Hungary Mist every single day and it truly makes my skin look flawless". Must have! – Magdolna Pekar (Beautyjunkie).

You can read Magdolna’s blog ‘Beauty Junkie’ here.

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