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Omorovicza x English National Ballet Treatment at Equinox

June 13th, 2017

We are beyond excited to reveal that we are partnering with Equinox to launch the ultimate body conditioning experience. Created in collaboration with English National Ballet, the two-part treatment is designed to ready the body for intensive exercise such as a performance of Swan Lake for example, and “cool down” the muscles and joints after such strenuous effort. Clients can experience the exclusive body treatment within the serene setting of Equinox’s in house Spa. 

Body Prep (30 minutes)

Inspired by the routines of English National Ballet dancers, this mini body treatment will ensure your body is fully prepared for exercise. Performed on dry skin, this treatment combines energising massage techniques with a focus on pressure points, to relieve tension from muscles whilst increasing blood and lymph circulation. As a result muscles will be stretched and lengthened, the body invigorated, helping you to avoid injury and inflammation before any form of exercise.

Muscle Recovery (60 minutes)

Reinvigorate worn out muscles and relax both the body and mind with the second phase of our body conditioning experience.  Over the course of an hour, the therapist will combine traditional Hungarian massage techniques with the unique healing properties of Hungarian Moor Mud to invigorate tired muscles and joints. A deep tissue massage will be performed on the legs whilst soothing reflexology techniques will be used to relieve tired and sore feet. Additionally, cooled and warmed mineral stones will be applied to the body, encouraging the natural healing process necessary for muscle recovery.

“It is vital that we look after the dancers of English National Ballet so they can perform to the highest standard and have a lengthy career. Taking inspiration from my work with our dancers, and in collaboration with Omorovicza, I am thrilled to have helped develop this unique massage experience that adopts techniques we use to prepare a dancer’s body for performance and also help recovery once they step off stage”. – Dominic Hickie, Company Masseur

The pre and post treatment is priced at £165 and is available exclusively at the Equinox Spa in Kensington from the 12th of June.  To make an appointment please call 0207 666 6000.

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