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Omorovicza & Etihad Airlines

September 30th, 2016

Earlier this week we revealed that Omorovicza was partnering with Etihad Airlines to provide luxurious in-flight travel kits for their exquisite First Class cabins. Today we reveal why Omorovicza and Etihad Airlines are the perfect partners…

Budapest, where the Omorovicza story begins, and Abu Dhabi, the home of Etihad Airlines, are Ottoman sisters. Budapest owes much of its unique cultural history to the influence of the Ottoman Empire – not least its spa tradition, of which Omorovicza is the crowning example. The Omorovicza family built the city’s opulent Racz Spa in the 19th-century, on the site of a thermal bath created by the Pasha of Buda in the 1560s. The healing waters of this spa’s medieval spring are what gives Omorovicza skincare its miraculous rejuvenating properties.

Omorovicza and Etihad Airlines share a vision: world-class standards of excellence, peerless customer service, a premium global identity and a commitment to preserve their rich heritage.

Have you ever been to Abu Dhabi or Budapest?

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