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Omorovicza x New York City Ballet

September 22nd, 2017

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with New York City Ballet. Both Omorovicza and New York City Ballet share a dedication to craft, effortless grace and beauty in motion –a serendipitous pas de deux. 

We will provide New York City Ballet dancers with products and treatments to ensure their skin performs to the same level as their bodies.

“We’re grateful to Omorovicza for providing their extraordinary products and services to our dancers, who we are certain will benefit greatly from this partnership.” Kathryn Brown, Executive Director of New York City Ballet.

Throughout the year ahead, Omorovicza will hold a number of Pop Up Spas at the studios of New York City Ballet. Each treatment will be designed to provide relaxation after exercise as well as a workout for  the  facial  muscles. The signature Hungarian facial massage  increases  muscle  tone, improves firmness and stimulates lymphatic damage, to eliminate excess fluid and toxins.


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