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Oscars round up

March 04th, 2016

Omorovicza Oscar Round Up

Awards season is now officially over for another year, and the sparkle has settled after months of red carpet action. We were thrilled to see the Hungarian production “Son of Saul” win best ‘Film in a Foreign Language’ in the Oscars.

Our Budapest Spa client Ruth-Kiràly Klaudia attended the ceremony with her husband, Mac Ruth, who was nominated for an award for ‘Best Achievement in Sound Mixing’ with the movie ‘The Martian’. They even managed to take some of their favourite Omorovicza products along with them!

At events like the Oscars, it is essential to have flawless and glowing skin. An actress can be perfectly dressed, but if she appears tired and there’s a red blemish on her nose, all the best-dressed bets are off. Whether you’re a celebrity or just want to look like one, a glowing complexion requires preparation with cleansers, mud masks and facials. We recommend some of our favourite products to make your skin glow!

Deep Cleansing Mask - A miracle weekly treatment, this calcium and magnesium rich mask clears congested pores and brightens tone as it draws out impurities. One to use in the lead up to your big event!
Cleansing Foam - This delicately scented cleansing foam removes all make up and impurities without stripping your skin of moisture. No one wants dry skin on the red carpet!
Omoressence - Our new essence will prepare your skin for further treatment and make up.
Illuminating Moisturiser - Ruby crystal ingeniously flatters the complexion by blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Complexion Perfector BB Cream - This BB Cream will ensure your skin is flawless, sheer and even. Just what you need when the cameras are out!
Mineral Touch - Our Mineral Touch concealers give long-lasting coverage for a picture-perfect finish.

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