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February 15th, 2019

Discover Omorovicza’s skincare essentials that will keep you looking alpine fresh.

As winter turns into spring, long sunlit days of off-piste adventure beckon, and while disappearing into the magical mysteries of Aspen, Verbier or Courchevel is enticing, it’s also important that you stay ‘on-piste’ with your skincare.

Mountainous environments can subject the skin to damage within just a few hours. High speeds and high altitudes, when combined with low temperatures exacerbate moisture loss, resulting in dry, tight and uncomfortable skin. Try the Illuminating Moisturiser for sustained hydration throughout the day. This gentle cream illuminates and nourishes in the driest of climates and harnesses the power of ruby crystals to blur the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect for lifting the skin after a long evening of après!

Enhance your moisturiser of choice with Miracle Facial Oil. This replenishing oil, suitable for both morning and evening use, absorbs instantly into the skin like a serum. Through a blend of precious ingredients, this light oil works to repair the skin’s lipid matrix and provide antioxidant defence.

Don’t forget about the lips! Your lips are more prone to dryness than any other part of your body. This is because of two main reasons: the skin protecting our lips is much thinner than anywhere else, and lips are poreless, meaning there are no sweat or oil glands to keep them hydrated. The gently tingling Perfecting Lip Balm harnesses the properties of shea butter, eucalyptus oil and hyaluronic spheres to leave lips feeling fuller, softer and more hydrated.

Of course, it isn’t the climate alone that affects the skin when in the mountains. Helmets, while extremely important for safety, can often leave the scalp feeling hot, itchy and uncomfortable. Nourish your scalp after a long day of helmet-wearing with Revitalising Scalp Mask. This pre-shampoo treatment harnesses the power of Hungarian Moor mud, rich in calcium and magnesium, to draw out impurities. While cooling menthol and camphor provide immediate soothing and calming benefits.

Happy Skiing!
(Although we prefer Blue Diamond to Black!)

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