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Plant Stem Cells: Your Anti-Ageing Powerhouse

October 06th, 2016

Botanicals have long been used in skincare to enrich formulas and add a myriad of benefits to products. In particular plant stem cells are being utilised more and more within the cosmetic industry.

These cells are extracted from the stems of plants known for their skin boosting properties and are the origin of plant vitality. It is thought that including plant stem cells within topical treatments and using them as part of your skincare regime will encourage skin cell growth.

Boosting our own skin cells with that of plants is also thought to be instrumental in the fight against damaged and ageing skin, as plant stem cells reinforce our own cells, preventing and reducing damage from environmental stressors, UVA/B rays and free radicals.

Our latest launch, the Instant Perfection Serum, contains stem cells from the Narcissus plant. These stem cells enhance brightness, even skin tone and help to reverse sun damage by slowing the production of melanin in the skin for a clearer, stronger complexion.

Using plant stem cells in our skincare is part of our commitment to always using pure ingredients in our products; discover more about our zero nasties approach here.

Shop the Instant Perfection Serum now.

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