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Private Edition Anniversary Event

March 28th, 2018

Private Edition Nashville - Omorovicza Facial Events


Every year, Private Edition celebrates their birthday in a big way. Kickstarting from April 8th, the Nashville beauty destination will be hosting a range of exciting events and exclusive promotions and of course Omorovicza will be there to join in on the festivities!

We will be hosting a facial pop up with our NYC based Omorovicza Therapist from the 8th, 9th, 11th – 14th of April. To book a treatment, head to our bookings page or contact

There will also be a number of exciting offers including;

Omorovicza Gift with Purchase with purchases over $250. This exclusive gift includes our Poppy Bag filled with deluxe sizes of Midnight Radiance Mask, Thermal Cleansing Balm and Balancing Moisturizer.

Omorovicza purchases over $500 will receive a free full sized Firming Body Oil.

Across the store, purchases over $350 will receive a Gift with Purchase full of products including a travel size of the Omorovicza Firming Neck Cream.

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