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July 09th, 2019

Join the Omorovicza team this July and August for complimentary mini facials at select Space NK stores.

Experience the transformative effects of our invigorating, inimitable traditional Hungarian massage combined with the patented Healing Concentrate™ delivery system of our powerful award-winning products. There is no need to book in advance, all appointments are complimentary and will last 15 minutes. For further details, please contact Bozena Czyz -

Dates & locations:

1st Aug: Hans Crescent 11-7, Kings Cross 11-7, Bath 11-6
2nd Aug: Marylebone and Marlow 10-6
3rd Aug: Kingston 2-6, Bournemouth and St John’s Wood 11-6
6th Aug: Victoria and The Qube Tottenham Court Road - SpaceNK 10-6
7th Aug: Cheapside 10-6, Westbourne Grove 12-6
8th Aug: Marylebone, Duke of York Square 10-4
9th Aug: Wimbledon and Northcote Rd 10-6
10th Aug: Hampstead, Richmond both 10-6, Spitalfield 11-7
13th Aug: Hans Crescent 12-6, Parsons Green 1-6
14th Aug: The Qube Tottenham Court Road 10-6
15th Aug: Kings Cross 12-8, Kings Rd 10-6
16th Aug: South Molton and Cheapside 10-6
17th Aug: Westbourne Grove and Islington 10-6
20th Aug: Marylebone 10-6
21st Aug: Northcote Rd and The Qube Tottenham Court Road 10-6
22nd Aug: Dublin Grafton St 11-7, Kingston 12-6, Canary Wharf 10-6
23rd Aug: Hans Crescent 12-7, Spitalfields 10-6
24th Aug: Dublin Grafton st 11-7, Westfield White City 12-8, Windsor 11-6
27th Aug: Promise Hill 10-6
28th Aug: Kings Cross 11-7
29th Aug: Westbourne Grove and Covent Garden 10-6, Bath 11-6
30th Aug: Duke of York 11-7, Weybridge 10-5.30
31st Aug: Guildford and Spitalfields 10-6, Hans Crescent 11-7.

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