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Spring Clean your skin with Gerry Xun

April 13th, 2017

Canadian beauty blogger Gerry Xun from PBunnieP, reveals which Omorovicza products she uses to spring clean her skin... 

Knock knock* Is it spring yet? It seems like this year the Westcoast has been a little slow to get going but I always look forward to the new season with great anticipation because it means the chance to rotate my beauty products. During these transitional months, it's a good time to start nudging your skincare in a lighter direction and lately I've been sampling these from Omorovicza.

Post cleanse, my first addition is their Omoressence, a lightweight and balancing power toner. A few drops in my palms and pressed over my face feels calming and fresh, especially after exfoliation or a clarifying mask. Not meant for extra cleansing, think of this as a booster prep step with no alcohol in the ingredients list nor any sticky residue, instead it is infused with amino acids, hyaluronic acid and Hungarian thermal water. I find it more potent and better suited to my combination skin than the Queen of Hungary Mist.

Lightening up the texture without losing the hydration, I'll then put on the Illuminating Moisturizer which is usually recommended as a daytime product but I've been sneaking it in at night since it's my new favourite thing. On the skin, it feels like a hybrid between a light cream and a soft balm as it leaves me with a silky yet cocooned after-effect so it’s a great step down from a winter cream but not quite a lotion. Containing ruby crystals to optically beautify the complexion, I'm happy to say that it has a truly soft and undetectable sheen that takes a sophisticated approach to illumination.

For a little extra pow (aka the days I'm running too late for foundation), I'll pop in a dot of the Oxygen Booster right into the moisturizer and apply both at the same time. This has a serum light consistency that feels cooling on the skin and though in all honesty, I wasn't quite sure of what to make of the oxygen claims (anyone tried an oxygen facial before?), it does leave me with visibly firmer and plumper skin, as if my skin just had a great workout. While it's not something I use on a daily basis, it’s good to know I have a secret weapon on hand for those extra needy days, because let's face it they pop up more than we'd like to admit.


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