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Customer testimonials

customer testimonials

We live and breathe our products at Omorovicza. We truly believe they are the best of the best and we hope you do to. We strive to ensure your shopping experience with us, whether online or in our stores, reflects the prestige of our products.

Just look at what people have to say about us.

New York
New York, US

"Hello, I just wanted to contact you to say that I absolutely love your products! I've tried quite a few of your items and have been satisfied with them all. I've replaced all of my skincare products with Omorovicza.

I came across your brand randomly last year while looking for a new skin care regimen. I wasn't always a fan of many other products because they either left my face dry, irritated or caused acne, but now I look forward to cleansing and treating my face every day and night with Omorovicza. My skin has never looked better and now my mom is using some of your products.Thank you for all that you do. "

West Virginia, US

Thank you for the fantastic products! The cold, frigid temperatures always create severe skin issues for me. My dermatologist prescribed a topical ointment for my skin. However, after using the Omorovicza products for approximately 1 month, my skin has almost completely healed and cleared up and is moisturized. Thank you for making a difference!"

Harvey Nichols, Dublin
West Yorkshire, UK

"I want to thank you for going above and beyond in dealing with this matter for me. Your customer service is second to none and I commend you highly for that. Needless to say I'm spreading the word about Omorovicza to all my friends and family as I'm sure anyone will benefit from your high quality products and love this brand. "

Liberty London
Pittsburgh, US

"Last weekend I was out running some errands and I stopped at one of the local Pittsburgh Sephora stores. I'd been reading about Omorovicza and their reputation for making quality skin care products that really work, and I'd read through all the positive reviews on their website. I have sensitive, fair olive skin and I've been fighting acne all my life, and almost nothing has helped. Most skin products cause more problems than they solve. I thought it might be worth it to give the Omorovicza skin care line a try. I knew Sephora carried it online, and on the off-chance that I might get lucky, I asked if they had any Omorovicza products in stock at the store. Alas they said no, it's only available online.

On my way out, another lady, a mature woman with fantastic skin asked if she could help me. I said “Thanks, but I was looking for an Hungarian skincare line and you only carry it online.” She said, “I’m Hungarian. What are you looking for?”

“My husband is Hungarian. I’m looking for Omorivicza” , I said.

Her face lit up. “Oh! That’s a *wonderful* product! Fantastic product! How did you find out about it – were you in Budapest?” I said I’d been looking at a lot of Hungarian websites and it came up somewhere. She then said: “None of this stuff can hold a candle to Omorovicza.” She gave a disdainful wave around the store. “This is all full of chemicals and poison. Buy Omorovicza online. I promise you won’t regret it; it’s worth every penny.” I asked her if she used it and she said she can’t because she’s the rep for one of the top designer brands in the store.

I’m planning to go back and slip her one or two Omorovicza samples from a future order. :-)”


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