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E-Gift Card

Give the gift of beautiful, naturally radiant-looking skin with an Omorovicza E-Gift Card. Perfect for every occasion, Christmas, birthdays, brides-to-be, baby showers, as thank you or simply to surprise someone special – our E-Gift Card gives the recipient the pleasure of choosing their gift online.

Simply complete the form below (you can preview before sending) and the E-Gift Card will be delivered straight to your inbox*. For a last-minute present forward the email to the recipient’s inbox or print it off, ready to be wrapped ahead of that special day.

*Gift cards must be purchased in a separate transaction, not with other items.

 ($10 - $1,000)

Your Complimentary Gift

Spend $160+ and receive an exclusive free gift. CODE: FREEGIFT

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Q: How long is an Omorovicza E-Gift Card valid for?
A: Gift cards are valid for 2 years from date of purchase.

Q: Can I choose to send the email at a later date?
A: Gift cards are immediately sent straight to you to keep safe for a special occasion or to forward to that special someone at the appropriate time.

Q: Can I send the gift email directly to the recipient?
A: This option is not currently possible, send the email to yourself and then forward to the recipient’s inbox when you are ready.

Q: Can the recipient use the E-Gift Card over multiple orders?
A:Yes, there is no limit to the number of orders to which a card can be applied.

Q: How can I select a different currency?
A: To purchase the E-Gift in a different currency, use the store selector to navigate to a region of the recipient.