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Glycolic Acid | An Acid For Good Skin Days

Acids. They sound overwhelming and in most cases, are harder to pronounce than they are to apply. But, across the world acids are becoming a mainstay in everyday skincare routines and glycolic acid is sitting at the top of beauty editors’ lists, so, trust us, this is an AHA you need to get to know.

What is Glycolic Acid?

Derived from natural sugars, glycolic acid belongs to a group of ingredients called Alpha Hydroxy Acids, you might otherwise know them as lactic acid and citric acid. They are sister acids to the well-known Beta Hydroxy Acids, the likes of which include salicylic acid.

Whilst both are very similar, their structural differences mean they affect your skin in different ways. BHAs are oil soluble, meaning they are effective both on and within the skin (making them especially good at tackling nasty clogged pores) whereas AHAs are water soluble, making them more effective at exfoliating the surface of the skin - hello radiance.

Four Reasons to Start Using Glycolic Acid Today

As exfoliators go, glycolic acid is a must-try for all the acid lovers out there. Acid shy? Let us convince you, because we all need a little glycolic in our lives…

✓ Exfoliates the surface of the skin, revealing a brighter, more radiant complexion

✓ Increases cellular turnover, evening-tone and reducing discoloration by shedding dead cells (good riddance)

✓ Reduces the likelihood of breakouts, as it helps to prevent pore-clogging build-up on the surface of the skin

✓ Stimulates collagen production, reinforcing the building blocks of your skin for a more youthful appearance

Is Glycolic Acid suitable for my skin?

Yes, if your skin is...

✓ Dull, lacklustre

✓ Oily

✓ Blemish / acne prone

✓ Combination

✓ Ageing

As with all acids, if your skin is sensitive begin by using small amounts and allow your skin to build up a tolerance, don’t try and overdo it (we know you’ll be tempted). Never forget when using acids to wear an SPF, as they can increase the sensitivity of skin, so protect yourselves! However, there are acids options for those of you with sensitive skin and lactobionic acid is a good place to start.

Glycolic Acid: The Verdict

Longing for a brighter, more even-toned, younger-looking and blemish free complexion? Then glycolic acid is the one for you, it is quite literally radiance in a bottle. Pass the champagne, we can feel some good skin days coming our way.


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