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The Secret

The secret to the healing Hungarian waters lies in the fact that, here, the crust of the earth is thinner than elsewhere. This allows the waters to absorb beneficial minerals more effectively on their way to the surface, meaning that certain springs contain a combination of minerals that have been shown to have a profoundly revitalising effect on the skin.


The First Thermal Baths

Many of Hungary’s most beautiful thermal baths were built in the 1500s by the occupying Ottoman Turks. They brought to Hungary the traditional Ottoman hammam and built hundreds of baths on the sites of healing springs.


The Racz Spa

In the 1800’s, one of Stephen’s ancestors built a thermal bath, the Racz Furdo, on the site of a medieval spring know for its curative properties. Some two hundred years later, descendant Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza and his future wife Margaret met in beautiful Budapest, where they indulged in the city’s famous thermal baths.


An Innovative Skincare Range

Fascinated by the healing effects of Hungary’s mineral-rich waters, Margaret and Stephen saw the potential to capture them in an innovative anti-ageing skincare range, and enlisted the help of a Nobel prize-winning team of scientists and so began the start of a new skincare line, Omorovicza.