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How to apply neck cream

An illustrated guide to caring for your neck and décolleté

Caring for your neck and décolleté is much more than just a passing trend; it should be a part of your everyday skincare routine. Why? Similarly to the face, the neck and chest is susceptible to the effects of gravity, expression and sun damage but more so as the ski is thinner and more delicate. Therefore this area is likely to age quicker than the face, causing deep wrinkles and sagging below the jaw line, the dreaded 'tech neck'. What can you do about it? Never underestimate the importance of a neck cream, regularly applying it is key to combating early signs of ageing, allowing you to maintain a youthful appearance from head to toe.

However, neck cream application is as much about when you apply it as how you apply it. Read on to discover our illustrated guide to caring for the neck and décolleté.


Before applying neck cream it is important to prepare the skin for treatment by cleansing and toning from the hairline down to the chest bone. We recommend using our Thermal Cleansing Balm, a facial balm that detoxifies and purifies skin whilst imparting it with mineral rich Hungarian Moor Mud. Use our Cleansing Mitt to gently remove the balm and then press the face and neck with a towel until dry.

Further prep the skin with a toner or essence, try our Queen of Hungary Mist – simply spritz across the face and chest or gently pat our liquid moisturiser Omoressence onto the face, neck and décolleté until fully absorbed.


Begin by warming a pea size amount of our Firming Neck Cream between your fingertips, spreading across the palms and your fingers.


Apply this cream to the neck, spreading all over the skin with your fingertips, using upwards motions until the product has partially absorbed into the skin.


Using flat fingers, follow the neck contour and massage the neck with sweeping and lifting motions. Use alternate hands and sweep upwards to the jawline moving slowly from left to the right.


Gently tilt your head backwards and hold this position for three seconds, this movement will lengthen and stretch the neck muscles. Finish the stretch by slowly tilting your head back down to its natural position.


To stretch the side of the neck, gently turn your head to the left side and using flat fingers locate and trace the neck muscle. Using your left hand, gently perform lifting and sweeping motions, starting at the base of the neck and moving up towards the jaw line. Repeat on the right side with your right hand.


For the final step, place your right hand over your décolleté and sweep across towards your left shoulder. Repeat with your left hand towards your right shoulder, repeating this motion three times. To finish your neck cream application, take three deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth.