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Gifts For That Special Someone

Gifts For That Special Someone

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8 Item(s)

  • Instant Plumping Mask

    Instant Plumping Mask

    $260 (USD)

    “This works a treat on tired, partied-out faces to restore glow”

    Lisa Eldridge

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  • Rejuvenating Night Cream
    Award Winning

    Rejuvenating Night Cream

    $235 (USD)

    Restorative cream to heal, soothe and hydrate dry skin overnight. Leaves skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

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  • Intensive Hydralifting Cream

    Intensive Hydralifting Cream

    $225 (USD)

    "Delivers anti-ageing effects you can actually see, including firming and lifting"


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  • Blue Diamond Eye Cream

    Blue Diamond Eye Cream

    $230 (USD)

    Anti-ageing eye cream to revitalise and lift tired eyes.

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  • Gold Night Drops
    Award Winning

    Gold Night Drops

    $255 (USD)

    "Worth the splurge, this targets every sign of ageing while you sleep"


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  • Gold Hydralifting Mask

    Gold Hydralifting Mask

    $185 (USD)

    "Tried and tested by the Vogue team, it offers a spring-like glow in just ten minutes"


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  • Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel

    Blue Diamond Resurfacing Peel

    $195 (USD)

    "An intense cleanse and exfoliating treatment that will slough away dead and dry skin"


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  • Bagatelle de Gabrielle - 3.4 fl oz

    Bagatelle de Gabrielle - 3.4 fl oz

    $185 (USD)

    "It is light and classy and lasts all day - a real classic"

    Omorovicza Customer

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Discover the power of colloidal gold, an anti-ageing ingredient with proven anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties.



Discover how to achieve a more radiant, illuminated complexion with Omorovicza skincare.


glowing skin

glowing skin