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Because One Face Mask Is Never Enough

Yes, multimasking is a skincare phenomenon we can really get on board with and as a beauty trend it is definitely here to stay but how do you do it?

The Guide: Multimasking

Multimasking is simple, instead of using just one of your favourite face masks, you use three, four, or if you’re feeling brave throw in a fifth.

Begin by taking time to assess your skin’s current needs, is your T-Zone looking a little oiler than usual? Have you been suffering from dry patches on your cheeks? Is your complexion looking a little dull?

Once you’ve gauged your skin’s needs simply select the face masks best suited to tackle your varying skincare concerns and then apply. However, instead of applying one face mask all over, apply the different masks to target the areas of the face you want to treat. Voila, you’re on our way towards mastering multimasking.

Congested pores on the nose and chin? Try our Deep Cleansing Mask to shift oil and debris to reveal clearer, cleaner skin.

Cheeks looking a little dull and sunken? Our Ultramoor Mud Mask mask will instantly lift and define your face to reveal a brighter, more defined complexion.

Signs of ageing on your forehead? Our Gold Hydralifting Mask mask is the solution for tired, dry skin and will leave you with a more youthful appearance.

Experiencing dryness on the temples or around the mouth? Try our Instant Plumping Mask to sooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrate and plump the skin.

The Result: Multimasking

Multimasking is the way to achieve your best skin yet, there really is no way better way to pamper yourself ,or your skin, than with a face mask... or four. Plus you can enjoy of all your favourite masks at once – it’s like experiencing a facial at home whenever you want.

Treat yourself (and your skin) and shop our collection of transformative face masks today.


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