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When it comes to skincare products it can be difficult to identify the ingredients that will truly deliver for your skin. These miracle ingredients are few and far between, but on that list you will find the little-known polysaccharides.


On a cellular level, polysaccharides work in a myriad of ways depending on their source. Some are known for their ability to deliver vital oxygen to the skin whist others can be used to instantly lift and tighten the skin. Read on to discover more about this miracle ingredient and our polysaccharide skincare.


Nasturtium-derived (a species of plant) polysaccharides, otherwise known as Arabinogalactans, are used for their ability to accelerate the oxygenation of the skin, therefore protecting against hypoxic stress (or oxygen deprivation).

Oxygen is essential to the overall health of our skin, as our cells require it to produce energy and carry out their daily functions, including cellular turnover and the building of collagen and elastin cells - all functions for maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion.

You can find this form of polysaccharide within all of our Blue Diamond products as well as our award-winning Oxygen Booster.


Marine exopolysaccharides, used within our Ultramoor Mud Mask, are derived from plankton and are known for their anti-ageing qualities. In particular, this variation of polysaccharide is used to plump and tighten the skin, targeting fines lines whilst also tightening the building block of the skin, collagen fibres. This provides an immediate firming and lifting effect, instantly making the complexion appear more youthful.

We also use a different form of marine exopolysaccharides in our light-weight face cream, the Elemental Emulsion. These polysaccharides help to mattify the complexion, reducing overall shine by absorbing and trapping excess sebum. Whilst our skin needs sebum to nourish and condition itself, excess sebum can block pores and cause frequent breakouts, these polysaccharides help to balance the skin for a clearer, shine-free complexion.


Rhamnose polysaccharides, found within our liquid moisturiser – Omoressence, are derived from a naturally occurring sugar and are known for several skin benefits. The first of which is its ability to prevent the harmful accumulation of bacteria on the skin’s surface, which if allowed to build up can cause breakouts. Additionally, this form of polysaccharide is also known to reduce inflammation as well as prevent damage to the skin from environmental factors such as UV and pollution. These attributes can prevent the build-up of pollutants and bacteria on the skin, reducing the like hood of breakouts whilst calming current breakouts for a clearer, calmer complexion.


Additionally, polysaccharides can also be blended with other skincare ingredients to great effect. In our Firming Neck Cream we have blended polysaccharides with proteins to create a lifting and tightening effect which helps to remodel the neck for a more youthful appearance.

Whatever your skin concern, whatever you age, polysaccharides can be extremely beneficial for your skin. Shop our selection of polysaccharide skincare today and experience the transformative power of this natural ingredient.


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