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Sea Buckthorn Berry Skincare | The Guide

Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is derived from the Sea Buckthorn Berry, found across China, Russian, northern Europe and Canada. These berries have been harvested for years as they are so nutrient rich, and as a result are used within both food and skincare to boost the health of skin, nails and hair.

These nutrients include Vitamins A, C, E as well as Omega 7 and carotenoids (organic pigments that are a vital part of our anti-oxidant defence), making Sea Buckthorn Berry a super important skincare ingredient.

Why is Sea Buckthorn Berry oil good for your skin?

When pressed, the Sea Buckthorn Berry realises an oil, it is this oil which we use in our skincare as it still retains the natural nutrients of the berry. When applied topically this oil will transform the skin by flooding it with vitamins and nutrients, boosting the natural anti-oxidant defence of the skin as well enabling the healing process with essential Omega fatty acids.

To be specific, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil is rich in Vitamins A, C and E and Omega 7, as well as carotenoids, all of which are vital in the defence against free radical damage. This is because they stimulate and encourage collagen cell production, these cells form the very building blocks of our skin and are essential in protecting it from damaging free radicals which can weaken collagen, causing premature ageing and loss of firmness.

These anti-oxidant properties also lend themselves to clarifying the complexion, as they not only protect the skin from free radical damage but strengthen it from within. This process that the risk of damage to the surface of skin is reduced, helping to prevent the development of fine, lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Additionally, Vitamin E is also an adept hydrator both increasing and maintaining moisture content within the skin. This strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier for a complexion that feels and looks both smoother and more plumped.

The fatty acids within Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil (it is one of the naturally highest sources of Omega 7 out there), also nourish the skin and are particularly good for those with dry to very dry skin. This is because this fatty acids help to rejuvenate the skin, strengthening existing cells and repairing damage by helping skin to overcome inflammation.

How will Sea Buckthorn Berry oil transform your complexion?

✓ High in anti-oxidants, helps to prevent damage from free radicals and environmental stress

✓ Rich in anti-inflammatory Omega 7 fatty acids and Vitamin E to soothe and hydrate dry complexions by strengthening skin's natural moisture barrier

✓ Heals and nourishes damaged skin with Omega 7, strengthening existing cells and helping to repair damaged ones

✓ Stimulates collagen production - protecting, smoothing and refining the surface of the skin for a younger, more even-toned complexion

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