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Gold Collection
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  • Gold Eye Lift
    Award Winning

    Gold Eye Lift

    $190 (USD)

    "The bee’s knees at improving the look of fine lines around your eyes"

    The Pool

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  • Gold Flash Firming Serum

    Gold Flash Firming Serum

    $225 (USD)

    Oil-free serum with anti-inflammatory colloidal gold to instantly soothe, firm and heal the face and neck.

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  • Complimentary


  • Gold Night Drops
    Award Winning

    Gold Night Drops

    $255 (USD)

    "Worth the splurge, this targets every sign of ageing while you sleep"


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  • Gold Sugar Scrub

    Gold Sugar Scrub

    $90 (USD)

    "A decadent product with sugar cane and gold gives the smoothest and most glowing skin"

    Marie Claire

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  • Gold Rescue Cream
    Award Winning

    Gold Rescue Cream

    $310 (USD)

    Intensely nourishing gold infused barrier cream. Protects the face and leaves it hydrated, revitalised and rejuvenated.

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  • Gold Shimmer Oil
    Award Winning

    Gold Shimmer Oil

    $80 (USD)

    “While gold flecks highlight skin beautifully, this is the most impressive of treatment oils”

    The Daily Telegraph

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  • Gold Hydralifting Mask

    Gold Hydralifting Mask

    $185 (USD)

    "Tried and tested by the Vogue team, it offers a spring-like glow in just ten minutes"


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Discover the power of colloidal gold, an anti-ageing ingredient with proven anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties.



Discover how to achieve a more radiant, illuminated complexion with Omorovicza skincare.


glowing skin

glowing skin