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Spa Treatments in Budapest


Best anti-aging facial by Harper's Bazaar

Available at the world’s most exclusive spa destinations, Omorovicza facials and body treatments are the perfect complement to your daily skincare regime.

Our relaxing yet results-driven treatments are designed to dramatically transform the appearance and texture of your skin. Combining unique Hungarian massage techniques - unlike anything you have ever experienced before - with our award-winning skincare, our team of expertly trained therapists tailors every treatment to your individual needs, leaving skin lifted, rejuvenated and radiant for days afterwards.

Deep Cleansing & Pore Refining Facial
Stella magazine treatment review "includes a velvety mud cleanse
and facial massage using firm,
fluttering strokes that ease tension
out of the jawline and brow"

Mineral-rich Hungarian Moor mud detoxifies and draws out impurities for deep cleansing. The application of a fragrant mud mask follows a thorough cleansing and exfoliation using Moor mud in balm form, as well as rosemary and pineapple

extracts, which treat sensitive skin and reduce pore size. A classic Hungarian facial massage instantly lifts and firms the skin.

Illuminating Facial
Tatler magazine treatment review "uses an innovative Copper Peel
and a unique Hungarian massage
technique to instantly lift the face"

Designed to leave complexion rejuvenated and glowing, this facial begins with a gentle peeling, enriched with copper for an anti-oxidant collagen stimulat- ing punch. A unique facial massage sage soothes the senses and accelerates

micro-circulation whilst an essence rose and peony mask plumps the epidermis to reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Attention is also paid to all-too-often neglected hands!

Regenerating Facial
Glamour magazine treatment review "The result?
Rejuvenated, glowing skin"

A copper enriched lactic-acid peel packs a collagen boosting punch; a gold serum brings gold's anti-inflammatory properties to bear; an unique plumping massage activates hyaluronic micro-spheres in the epidermis to reduce the

appearance and depth of fine lines and wrinkles. A sprinkling of gold oil repairs the skin and leaves arms, hands and décolleté shimmering.

Gentleman’s Facial

Regular cleansing and extraction a more handsome face makes. This facial is de- signed to address those needs. Cleansing and exfoliation using lightly scented natural products prepare the skin for extraction. A mineral-rich Hungarian thermal mud mask draws out impurities,

cleanses deeply and nourishes the skin. A unique Hungarian facial massage soothes the skin whilst stimulating micro-circulation and a scalp and shoulder massage relieves tension and stress.

Eye Treatment

In the 15-minute eye-treatment, arnica and vitamin K to remove puffiness and dark circles and a gentle massage using cooling dermaglobes soothes and relaxes the eye contour for brighter refreshed eyes.

Classic Hungarian Body Wrap
Instyle magazine treatment review "for a full body experience,
you could try the Classic Hun-
garian Body Wrap"

More than an ordinary wrap treatment, this body experience begins with a vigorous yet gentle brushing of the body and a detoxifying exfoliation using sea salt, Hungarian moor mud and capsicum peptide. A deep cleansing mud mask is then

lathered onto the body. While the mud cleanses and the body is wrapped, the therapist performs a scalp massage to relieve any tension or stress. A stone body massage using a rich blend of essentials oils adds a shooting finishing touch.

Dimple Dissolve
Elle magazine treatment review "the difference is incredible.
My thighs look and feel
firmer - and are slimmer by
half an inch each"

This cellulite busting treatment begins with a vigorous yet gentle brushing of the body and a detoxifying exfoliation using sea salt and mineral-rich Hungarian thermal mud. The Dimple Vanisher is then massaged into freshly

brushed and buffed skin. The focus is a light lymphatic drain age. The body's micro-circulation is accelerated and the appearance of dimples is reduced.

Mineral Stone Massage

A warm blend of essential oils and warm mineral stones make this body experience truly transporting. Stones are not placed on the body; they become extensions of the therapist’s hands to relieve muscular tension and stress.

Golden Body Treatment

Dazzling as it is, gold is a mineral with proven anti-inflammatory properties; it helps to heal the micro-damage inflicted daily and to revitalise the skin. This treatment involves an invigorating exfoliation with a golden sugar and a

soothing massage with a fragrant oil enriched with gold particles. Guaranteed to leave the body soothed, hydrated and radiant.