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Healing Concentrate

Healing Concentrate


The Omorovicza story has many layers and evolved over a considerable period of time. Margaret and Stephen’s decision to create skincare which replicated the effects of the healing waters can be traced back to a meeting they had with the head of a Hungarian laboratory of dermatology famous for its Nobel prize winning discovery of Vitamin C.


Though much is already understood about the beneficial effects of thermal waters on the bathers, less is known about the absorption of these minerals into the deeper layers of the skin to enable genuine healing and rejuvenation. To facilitate this absorption, Margaret and Stephen worked with the head of a Hungarian laboratory to develop and patent a mineral delivery system called Healing Concentrate™.


In the course of lengthy bio-fermentation, the molecular structure of the minerals in the water is reconfigured. The resulting complex molecules are bio-available, meaning that they can be easily absorbed into the epidermis, where they are most effective.


At first touch, skin is soothed, moisturized and visibly rejuvenated. Over time, collagen and elastin production is boosted, vital moisture is locked in, surface damage is repaired and skin is strengthened. With daily use, this will lead to a complexion that is truly healed, visibly younger-looking and illuminated from within.


The Omorovicza Story


Healing Thermal Waters