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From our featherlight facial oil to our triple action night treatment, meet the products that will enhance the effectiveness of your other skincare. We call them, the “Superheroes”.




Otherwise known as Miracle Facial Oil

Body Type: Oil

Abilities: Protector, Hydrator

Our Captain Youth also known for his daytime name, Miracle Facial Oil, blends precious ingredients and fights environmental stress. His youthful-sense provides an extra strength system for the skin barrier function, enabling his the ability to reduce the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Otherwise known as Mineral UV Shield

Body Type: Cream

Abilities: Defender

Our Sun Warrior uses a highly effective combination of mineral agents, Zinc and Titanium Dioxide, for broad spectrum protection against the UVA & UVB rays. On his body composition, high molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate shields the skin, keeping the aggressive pollutants away and locking in the skin’s moisture. He is also known by his civilian identity, Mineral UV Shield.


Otherwise known as Oxygen Booster

Body Type: Serum

Abilities: Youth Booster, Restorer

Dr. Oxygenator combines science and nature. Like a shot of adrenaline, his oxygen molecules are delivered to the skin, activating cellular respiration and resurfacing wrinkles. He has the ability to restore youthful radiance to dull skin, for a brighter and plumped complexion. His inner circle knows his true identity, the Oxygen Booster.


Otherwise known as Instant Perfection Serum

Body Type: Serum

Abilities: Illuminator, Brightner

Instant Perfection Serum, also known as Mr. Bright, is the leader of luminous skin. He can awake frumpy skin due to his Narscissus steam cells. He can also enhance brightness and evens skin tone throughout the day.


Otherwise known as Gold Night Drops

Body Type: Serum

Abilities: Healer, Restorer

Super Restorer’s story started many years ago when Cleopatra was still alive. His anti-inflammatory and healing abilities were always used in the quest for a more radiant and youthful appearance. During his evolution, he has developed triple powers to be able to exterminate wrinkles, fight dehydration and heal micro damage. He is also known by its night time identity, Gold Night Drops.


Otherwise known as Queen Of Hungary Mist

Body Type: Mist

Abilities: Refresher, Hydrator

Coming from an ancient noble family, our Refreshing Queen grants her power to the skin when it is in need of energy. Using orange blossom, rose and sage waters, she has the ability to lift the spirits and tone the skin. Friends and family call her the Queen of Hungary Mist.


Otherwise known as Omoressence

Body Type: Liquid Moisturiser

Abilities: Balancer, Hydrator

You probably don't know he is there, but you can definitely feel his power. Our Secret Agent guards skin against environmental stress and has the ability to attract and retain moisture. His super power, rhamnose polysaccharide prepares the skin to fight all his battles throughout the day. Most don't know his true identity, but between you and I, you can call him, Omoressence.